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MICHAEL WATTER , you are such a brave little macho man , but ONLY where babies are concerned !

Tough guy with little girls !

Why do you think your children did not like being with you ?

Let us answer answer the questions for you :-

They did not like being raped ?

They did not like your playing with their vaginas whilst on the toilet ?

They did not like you masturbating yourself ?

They did not like playing with your penis as instructed/ordered to by yourself ?

They did not like you tickling their tooshkas ?

They did not like you rubbing their tooshkas hard with your penis ?

They did not like your friends sexually abusing them ?

They did not like you hurting them ?

They did not like your hurting their mother ?

They did not like your teaching them crude language ?

They did not like you shouting at them ?

They did not like your making them cry ?

They did not like the way you referred to your wife , their mother ?

They did not like you continually hanging up the phone when they were talking to their mother or grandparents ?

They did not like you continually lying to them ?They did not like you playing explicit sexual songs to them ?

They did not like you refusing permission for them to visit their grandparents ?

You did not let them read texts or letters from their mother ?

You threw the letters from the mother in the rubbish bin ?

You are a disgusting , perverted , putrid , bullying , COWARD of a man, with NO saving graces , except , perhaps for the fact that one day you will be dead !

For the future safety of your children  , we would hope this happens sooner than later !

If you do not answer for your sins in this lifetime , and we pray you do , you will most certainly answer for them in the next !

You are a filthy , lying pig , MICHAEL WATTER !




Nigh on every time that Michael picked up the girls for access visits they would become very quiet and subdued often cry to the point of hysteria and keep stating that they didn’t want to go with him.

4th Nov.         Isabella left a message on our phone. She was sobbing but pleaded with Poppy to come and get her and bring her home to our place so she wouldn’t have to go with her father.

24th Nov.     Bronte told us that Daddy had said that they would be spending more time with him and she didn’t want to. Later both girls are crying and not wanting to go to school as they think that Daddy might pick them up from there after school like he did yesterday.

25th   Nov.      After an access visit, Isabella says, ‘While daddy was getting our lunch he said that husbands can do everything that wives can do but I don’t have a wife, I have a ‘beach’ (bitch).’

28th Nov.     Girls arrive back from access visit screaming. Michael had told them to scream to make out that they didn’t want to return to their Mum.

5th Dec.          Isabella quite sick with very red rash and high temperature. Daddy had given her milk & butter to which she is allergic.

7th Dec.          Both girls not wanting to go for access visit. Isabella states, ‘Daddy is silly because he gives me things to eat that make me sick like he did last time and I had such a sore tummy all night.’ That night Isabella all rashy & hot again.

9th Dec.          Michael awarded full custody of the girls.

11 Dec.          To Willows Markets. Isabella not wanting to return with her father then into Cotters markets where Isabella said that Daddy is still tickling their tooshkas

15th Dec.       Bronte says, ‘Mummy, daddy says that you have been really nasty to him and tried to get him into serious trouble.’

16th Dec.       Isabella, per phone, ‘Why won’t you let us sleep over? Daddy said that you don’t want us to.’ & ‘Daddy only plays with our tooshkas sometimes now, so it is okay!’ Bronte states that Daddy only shouts ‘medium time’

18th Dec.       Cotters Markets morn. Said ‘Hello’ to Michael. He didn’t respond but later said that he was taking girls home for a rest as Isabella sick. 5.30pm. Bronte phoned and wanted her Mum to speak with Isabella as she was really crying. After talking for some minutes as Isabella still crying it was explained that the girls had been out all day with no rest and Michael shouting at them. 7.15pm Bronte phoned and asked her Mum to find a new home as Daddy said that Nana & Poppies’ place was too noisy. Bronte said quickly, I have to go and phone went dead.

20th Dec         Girls arrive for access visit and we are off to a party and Isabella has no undies on. Michael arrives back some 20mins later with undies. We are all at Inclusion Works Office and Michael brings in pants hands them over without speaking to girls or anyone. Later! He late for pick-up and Cassie and I put girls in car and buckle them up. Once again never spoke to girls to even say ‘Hello’.

22 Dec.          On an access visit, Bronte swearing and using crude language which she didn’t do just 2 weeks prior.

24th Dec         Isabella phoned on her dad’s phone as he wouldn’t let her use hers and very sad again. Cassie able to calm and settle her.

25th Dec.       Christmas Day and Isabella phoned on Michael’s phone to say that again Daddy would not allow her to use hers but that Bronte was crying & wouldn’t stop as Daddy was yelling at her. Cassie calmed her. Around to our place and Bronte still very red eyed. Opened Christmas presents, Michael didn’t participate in the excitement but played on his phone. Told us that he had to stop the girls using their phones as it had cost him $80.00 in two days. He didn’t pay anything for phones as Cassie or Auntie Cherie did.

27th Dec          Juan to supervise but only did for 10mins then spent rest of time watching cricket and news on TV.

2nd Jan 2012.            Isabella said that Daddy said that Poppy was scary.

4th Jan.           Girls’ birthday and not able to reach them on their phones. Party at which 22 children plus parents attend and prepared by Cassie & Aunty Cherie. Michael did not participate or try to interact with any of the girls’ friends or parents. As leaving, stated, ‘Trying to buy the girls love with I-Pods!’ No thanks for giving the girls a great time.

10th Jan.        Isabella crying in the bathroom and when I went in she said that Daddy had told them that they could have a sleep-over and now he says we can’t.

15th Jan          After movies and girls clinging to Mum for ages and didn’t want to go back to father, he put them in the car and then Cassie quietly said, ‘Michael the girls aren’t happy. We need to talk about it.’ He instantly became angry and shouted at Cassie, ‘You need to sort yourself out!’ Cassie replied, ‘What do you mean?’ and then he shouted back, ‘You know what I mean!’ He jumped into the car, slammed the door and started to back out, nearly hitting a car coming into the parking area. Obvious that he is not intending to try to give the girls any happiness.

18th Jan          Bronte states, Daddy doesn’t like your family, Mummy so we should either.’ Later, the girls play their recorders to explicit sexual song which Michael is playing on his phone.

23rd Jan.        First day of school. Cassie asked Michael if he would take Bronte’s drink bottle and lunch out of her bag to be taken into the classroom while she did Isabella’s. He immediately became white with anger, snatching the bag, which dislodged the drink bottle which then fell to the ground below the verandah.

24th Jan.        Isabella says, in front of Michael, ‘Mummy, I only want to spend one night with Daddy and one thousand nights with you.’ Then Bronte says, ‘I want to spend one-hundred-thousand nights with you and none with Daddy. Daddy is just so nasty.’   Michael stomped off. At home, later. Isabella jumps up onto the lounge in view of Arth, Michael & me. She did not have any undies on and her vaginal area was so red and raw looking to the point of bleeding. Arth immediately suggested to Michael that he and Cassie take Isabella to the doctor but he refused saying that she didn’t need to. I went down the hallway just as Bronte was coming out of her bedroom. I commented to her about Isabella’s sore tooshka and she said, ‘That’s what happens when Daddy rubs us too hard with his penis!’ Short time later as the girls were stalling, as usual to not go off with their father, they were checking on the kittens when Cassie said that they would soon have to be given away. Isabella immediately started to cry and said, ‘Don’t give the kittens away. Then they will not have a Mummy, like us.’ Cassie received a text that evening to warn her that Michael’s ‘people’ would be watching her very closely, tomorrow.

5th Feb.          Arth & I visited girls at 20 Oldenberg Place Kelso. Asked how they were going at school and they wouldn’t answer. We went around to try and get Michael to agree for some access for us as grandparents but he wouldn’t discuss it but sent an e-mail a couple of weeks later refusing us permission to see the girls so they have been cut off from all family and friends.

From 9th Dec 2011 to 24th Jan 2012, Michael appointed himself as supervisor and during that time the girls came over to our place nearly every Tues & Thurs afternoon and again on Sunday mornings for a family bar-b-cue breakfast. In all that time very rarely did Michael ever engage with the girls and they certainly did not go near him and when Michael would stand up and go near the divider bench of the kitchen, as a sign that it was time to go, the girls would find all sorts of activities to do to delay their departure. Cassie, at first, would tell the girls that they needed to get ready to go but she ended up not saying anything to them as she felt that Michael could have just said something like, ‘Righto! girls, pack up as we need to get going.’ but he never ever did. If they delayed too much he would stand by the car, looking furious, but still never speak. There were never any words of encouragement or assurance from him to the girls.

30th. March 2012.            Court approved supervised access for Cassie & girls begin again today. Cassie has moved.

1st April.         Girls came over for a visit. So glad to see Poppy & I but a little reserved with everybody else except Clarissa who played with the girls and they all had a happy time together but were very reluctant to leave. They have lost weight as their little arms are just so thin.

8th April.        Girls over again today and wanted to stay here and didn’t want to go back to Dad as they said that the always so mean and nasty and always making them cry.

15th April       Isabella sick so moved from Rossiter Park to home ( with Michael’s approval) Again they didn’t want to leave and return to their father.

29th April       Have had Arth in & out of hospital for a couple of weeks and girls visited him there but today they are here at home and yet again found all sorts of thing to do to delay their departure and it ended up being a rush to get them back in time for the change-over.

Arth has been in hospital again and had to have a pacemaker inserted then had a few adverse reactions to same but seem ok now.

13th May       Mothers Day and had bought some gifts for the girls to wrap for their Mum. They were thrilled & so happy wrapping the gifts, signing the card and then giving the presents to their Mum.

3rd June.        Over to Cassie to have the delayed ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ with the girls. Was supposed to be last week-end and when I asked Bronte what had happened she just said, ‘Daddy wouldn’t let us come’.

7th. June.       Up at school and when time to leave, saying ‘goodbye’ to girls when Isabella states, ‘Tomorrow is Mummy Day, the next day is Mummy day and the next day is Mummy day. The good days are only Mummy days.’ I gave both girls big hugs and kisses but left with a very heavy heart.

8th June.         Visit girls at Cassie and they are sad because they will not be seeing Mum tomorrow at Relationships Australia as Michael has cancelled the Saturday access visit. One of the ‘Good Days’ taken from them.

14th June       Arth, Cassie & I at school as Cass & I helping in class. Girls arrive and Michael never spoke to anyone of the parents going into or coming out of the classroom and never said ‘goodbye’ to the girls. Cass had to leave and when Isabella discovered that she would not be back that day she started to cry.

19th June.      Sent the girls a text on their new phone. They had reported that the others had gone missing some weeks prior. They said that they had heard it come in but dad had not allowed them to look at it.

22nd June       Over to visit girls at Cassie’s with friends Christine & Wattie who know the girls and have always been ‘great mates’. The girls very distant with us all. Won’t let us hug them or even touch them in any way.

24th June       Girls not allowed access today.

19th July         Arth back in Hosp. Fluid around the heart.

22nd July        Girls visit Arth in Hosp. Very quiet and subdued and certainly not the little chatterboxes who lived with us last year. Very reluctant to give hugs whereas they were always cuddling up to us.

7th Aug.          Cassie & girls over for a visit and when told time to go, Bronte started to cry and didn’t want to put her shoes & socks on in preparation. 8 months after Michael given full custody and they still do not want to return to him. Poor Bronte looked just so deflated and defeated.

21st Aug.        Visit girls at Cassie’s and they wouldn’t give either Arth or I a hug and were very quiet with Bronte crying. Finally were given a reluctant hug as we were leaving but it just seems that they are scared to talk to anyone.

23 Aug – 1st Sept.    Have been over to visit the girls at Cassie’s a couple of times but they are scared to come near us and so keep their distance and won’t talk.

12th Sept.      Over at Cassie’s again and watching the girls play the organ (Cassie out in kitchen). Isabella looks up and sees me there and gets this look of sheer fright on her face. She sidled up the side of the bed, climbed over it and ran out to her Mum. What or who has made her so scared of her Nana?

In all the time that we have had the girls with us and since Michael has had them in his full care, I have never, ever heard them say anything nice about him. They only refer to him as angry, boring, naughty, not safe, silly, mean or nasty. There have just never been any positive comments with regard to their father but have heard them so often telling their Mum how much they love her and want to be with her.





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