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Why have the police never gotten back to the Grandfather ?

Why would Det Sgt David Miles refuse to take a statement ?

Why would Gaynor Williams from Child Safety do nothing ?

Why would she attempt to conceal her real name ?

Note this little man’s abuse and threats to an elderly couple ! Normally he only abuses little children ! Stepping up a notch was he ?

Why no reply from Commission for Children & Young People & Guardians ?

Note MICHAEL WATTER was able to access Legal Aid in spite of being on a salary of +/- $ 80 000 per annum – we the taxpayer had to foot the bill for this ! Is this not fraud ?

Note the infringements by MICHAEL WATTER and friends relating to instructions from the court and yet nothing done about it ! Nothing suspect about that is there ?

Note the competence of the police in Townsville when the domestic and office premises of the mother were broken into — on all occasions, only documents, relating to the children’s medical records, legal documents, a mobile phone and a couple of laptops were taken —  would be really interesting to read the police procedure and the success of their investigations on these cases don’t you think ?

Note the grandparents do not have a problem with the judiciary — we do  !

Note the mention of bruising around the mother’s throat , arms and legs – perhaps she tried to strangle herself MICHAEL WATTER ?

Note that this brave little man only abuses his own children , an elderly couple AND bashes the dog ! What wonderful attributes this coward has !

Note the efficiency of C.P.I.U. at all times – NOT !

You must be very happy to see how well your government departments are running Mr. Turnbull ?

It is good to see there is not a hint of corruption or inefficiency anywhere within the system ! What do you think Mr. Turnbull ?

A mother and two children in hiding Mr. Turnbull because YOU appear to be more than happy with the system !


No reason for a   PUBLIC  RE INVESTIGATION    Mr. Turnbull , is there ?



The Crime & Misconduct Commission

Ref: M1-13-2646-13/143078

24th April 2014

Att: Mr Bilsborough


Dear Sir,

As you are aware, we drove up from Warragul in Victoria, to deliver to yourselves evidence in relation to the allegations made by Bronte & Isabella Watter of their father’s sexual, physical and verbal abuse to them. We were not aware that the C.M.C. does not interview complainants. At the time, I gave a very brief outline of the case to you and was informed that the C.M.C. would contact me, thus expecting to be given the opportunity to present our evidence, in person, to someone. It was unfortunate that this was not the case. (Attached here is the evidence to be investigated.)

We have attempted to contact the police on five different occasions, to report abuse and on each occasion we were told that someone would ‘get back to us’, which never occurred. On 17th Jan 2013, I phoned Det. Snr. Sarg. David Miles, who again refused to take our statement, (The transcript of that conversation is attached).

Our attempts to contact Child Safety were also met with the same response, though on 17th Jan 2013, we had an interview with Ms Gaynor.(transcript attached) You will note that Child Safety refused to accept sexual abuse allegations by referring us to the C.P.I.U. I asked Ms Gaynor her name a few times and on each occasion she said it was Ms Gaynor. We found out later that her name is actually Ms Gaynor Williams.

We visited the Human Rights Commission, in Sydney, on 14th October 2013, who were extremely concerned but the matter was not in their Charter so referred us to the C.M.C. (copy attached)

On 1st October 2012 we complained to the Commission for Children & Young People & Guardians. We did not receive a reply. (Copy attached)

No doubt the C.M.C. is aware that Mrs. Watter has taken the children and disappeared, a crime that carries a prison term, which we accept. We had no idea of her plans to disappear or where she is at present.

On 4th April 2014 at about 6:30pm and after the police had been to our home to inform us of the disappearance of Cassie and the girls, I phoned Mr Watter only to be threatened with violence and jail, if we did not return the girls to his care immediately. I just told him that we didn’t know that they had gone until the police had informed us and also that we had no idea where they could be but he continued his verbal assault so I terminated the call. Mr Watter immediately phoned back to continue his threats of violence and abuse to my wife and I. These threats of abuse and bullying were reported to police. The police officer duly phoned Mr Watter and instructed him to cease the threats immediately.

Mr Michael Watter informed us, two years ago, that his position at Kinnect Health carried a salary of $85 000.00 P/A plus a car yet Mr Watter was able to obtained Legal Aid to subpoena us to Court. This was on two occasions for questioning over the disappearance of the children. In relation to the abduction, the C.P.I.U. or police have not taken statements from us or visited our home.

Mr Watter and his friends have embarked on a vicious campaign to discredit us, Mrs. Watter and her friends.(copies attached) Justice Tree of the Federal Family Court, made it very clear to Mr Watter and us that this case should not be aired in the public arena. Mr Watter, his family and friends appear to have gone beyond the Court restrictions on these matters, especially on social media. We believe this should be addressed and if appropriate Mr. Watter, as well as his family and friends should be charged.

On Sat. May 10th, the day before Mothers Day, we received a phone call from a florist who requested a suitable time for a delivery the next day for a ‘special’ delivery for my wife, Heather. I informed this person that we would be home in the morning but planned to be out for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. The caller seemed to be more interested about when we would be out, rather than home. We became suspicious and subsequently cancelled our arrangements for the next day. No flowers were delivered but, at 11:40am, a metallic grey Nissan X-Trail pulled up opposite our home and parked. When I walked out towards the gate the car sped off then, at 11:50am, Mr Watter came slowly past, whilst looking in. He was driving his red Alfa Romeo. When he noted that we were home he also sped off. Just after 1:00pm, the Nissan returned and pulled up, this time on our side of the road, at the entrance to our driveway and when I again walked out, it sped off. I reported these incidents to C.P.I.U. who simply said that they would talk to Michael.

Mrs. Watter’s residence at 48 Eyre Street North Ward has been subjected to break & enter offences, at least twice. Her business (Child Health & Development Centre) was also subjected to a break & enters offence where a bank safe was removed from its location, taken to another section of the building, and smashed beyond repair. On all occasions, only documents, relating to the children’s medical records, legal documents, a mobile phone and a couple of laptops were taken. No arrests have ever been made in relation to any of these offences.

We wish to make it very clear that we do not have a problem with the judiciary as Justice Tree has gone to extreme lengths to explain everything in minute detail to us and is always extremely polite and kind.

We have known Mr Watter in excess of 16yrs and have witnessed his mental state deteriorate. He is now extremely volatile and cannot control his emotions. We have witnessed bruising around Mrs. Watter’s throat, on her upper arms and legs, on many occasions, during the past few years. Even their dog could not be left at home alone with Mr Watter as he would bash it if it made the slightest sound. The dog was brought around to our place for its safety. Mr Watter has no empathy for anyone or any living thing.(attached is a letter from his maternal grandmother to us dated 20th March 2000, which was written a couple of days before Cassie & Michaels’ Wedding) It is self- explanatory and sadly, his behavior has worsened.

Recently a dragon-fly flew in through the window of Bronte and Isabella’s home. Mr Watter caught it and put it in a class jar, screwed on the lid and then made the girls watch its demise over the next few days and then said, ‘This is what happens to naughty girls!’

Attached, also, is a USB stick with evidence for your information.

Mr Watter has treated all Court Rulings in relation to us with contempt. Mr Watter has held these children in a hostage situation for over two years now, hence our call to the Human Rights Commission to report this and the children’s Human Rights being violated.

We were not aware that Cassie was not allowed to report anything of a sexual abuse nature to police, as they had threatened to charge her if she ever again made a complaint. (Also attached is a copy from Mrs. Watter’s diary entries on the day she told Michael that she was leaving him and some days after, QUITE FRIGHTENING!!)

The last time we saw the girls was on the afternoon 3rd April 2014, both were underweight, weak and with Isabella being very quiet. (She was normally a very chatty little person) Isabella wanted to go to the toilet. Michael took her to a public toilet where he stood just outside the door and refused to allow her grandmother to assist her. Isabella was in the toilet for a time in excess of 15minutes.

We have delivered our diaries, which contain sexual abuse allegations, by their father which the children have made to or in front of us to Child Safety

Since 4th April 2014, when the twins disappeared Mr Watter and his friends (Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Sheeree Heilbronn) have been stalking us. These events have been reported to C.P.I.U. who said that they ‘Would speak to Michael.’ C.P.I.U. did not take a written statement from us.

To clear this case up, we are prepared to travel to Brisbane to be investigated by the C.M.C. and take signed statements from us.

Yours sincerely

 Arthur & Heather Doubleday


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