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Questions and Statements

We have met the Heilbronns on only two occasions. Once at Michael’s birthday party and we hardly had any conversation with them and then again at a football match where we only said, ‘Hello.’ They arrived at our home, unannounced, on the afternoon of 8th October 2011 and immediately began their barrage of abuse towards Cassie, Heather & I, accusing Cassie of verbalizing the girls and Heather & I of being inadequate parents and grandparents. They had also only known Michael for just over two years. How did they come to the conclusion that we were bad parents when they didn’t even know us or any other member of our family? We have had all of our children thank us, at some stage of their adult life, of giving them a good, active, busy and interesting childhood and also directing them wisely so as to keep them from making wrong decisions.

Stephen Heilbronn – chef- caterer

  1. Told us on 8th October 2011 to, ‘Get Cassie & girls back to Michael or I will have the children removed to Michael’s care. I will make a complaint to Child Safety and ensure that Cassie will have the girls removed from her care within a week.’
  2. Told Cassie that she should not have gone to Relationships Australia for counseling but should have consulted him.
  3. Claimed that violence, yelling obscenities and punching holes in walls is normal behavior in most homes.
  4. The Heilbronns also said in their Affidavit that they had not said and done what they did.
  5. Sheree Heilbronn – teacher? We believe has only taught for approximately 2 years during the past 9 years.


  1. Michael taped all conversations in our home in an attempt to get us to make controversial statements which he then could use in his affidavit. Attempting to pervert the course of justice?
  2. Cassie, Heather & I, Arthur Doubleday, have never accused Michael of sexually interfering with the girls. The accusations have only ever come from both Isabella & Bronte. It has always been, ‘Daddy did—’ or ‘Daddy said—‘, never ‘Mummy told us to say—

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