Please help the children Mr. Turnbull ! #FreeMissingTwins #PressStatement14


Just so there are no misunderstandings — so far in this case we have :-

Gross inefficiency and bias of Det. Sgt. David Miles !

Gross inefficiency and bias of Officer Michelle Feint !

Gross inefficiency and bias of Child Protection Officer Merle McNulty !

Gross inefficiency , bias and bullying by Child Safety Officer Gaynor Williams !

Complete and utter negligence AND bullying by Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart ! An incompetent officer who had read nothing to do with the case back then , watched none of the interviews , hasn’t queried his officers as to why none of the parties the child sexual abuse was disclosed to had  been interviewed and yet had the cheek to determine the findings and to question the veracity of the grandparents , professionals and the like !

Inspector Craig Weatherley gets an honourable mention but more about him later .

Obvious negligence by the Minister for Child Safety Hon. Shannon Fentiman MP !

Obvious negligence by the North Queensland Director for Communities , Sandra Moore ( took over from Lupi ) !

Obvious negligence displayed by the Regional Director of Child Safety Nicola Jeffers !

Obvious negligence displayed by the Regional Director Communities , Matthew Lupi !

The Crime and Misconduct Commission have done nothing to extol their own virtues have they ? A misnomer if ever there was one !

The Commission for Child and and Young People and Guardians – interesting title as we see nothing from them as to what they have done to protect the little girls !

Continuous cover ups by all !

 Please MICHAEL WATTER , help us fill in the blanks !!! – your Uncle’s name – oh no , sorry , don’t worry , we have that , — Mark McArdle MP

Friends list – oh sorry again – we have all of those ! Perhaps you can help us with the names of :-

 Your cricketing mates ?

Your rugby mates ?

Your golfing mates ?

Your Rotary mates ?

Those names would be appreciated , just so we can keep those we have missed in previous correspondence , up to date .

Oh and one final SORRY ! Did we mention that one of your so called close mates has been corresponding with us and putting in a good word for you ?We didn’t ? How remiss of us !

 As a round up we wish to reconfirm that there were 93 reports written by 13 contact supervisors :-

  1. Rae Greaves
  2. Matthew Morrison
  3. R.M Bartlett
  4. Rhonda Lane
  5. Hollie Malardi
  6. Virginia Hall
  7. Maureen Land
  8. Mathew Morrison
  9. Wendy Williams
  10. Wendy Willcox
  11. Alex Dronysius
  12. Karin Carmichael
  13. Norm Land


Not one of these reports MR. TURNBULL , were seen by your Police Commissioner for Queensland , Ian Stewart ! You may rest assured he will be studying them now as if he is about to write an exam on which his job rests ( which it does ) and should know this case backwards once a decision has been made to PUBLICLY RE INVESTIGATE !!!


Frequent disclosures of sexual abuse by the father MICHAEL WATTER were reported to 14 different people i.e.

 Their mother Cassie Watter

Their maternal grandmother Heather Doubleday

Their paternal grandfather Arthur Doubleday

Family friend Patricia Plasted

Family friend Desiree Taylor

Psychologist Caroline Seri

GP Dr.Rebecca McGowen

Occupational therapist Lucy Dall-Alba

Family friend Christine Young


( Not one of these reports was read by Ian Stewart but , once again , you may rest assured MR. TURNBULL that he will know the answers backwards to any of the questions put to him now ! )


and the following independent supervisors ;


Lynette Bartlett

Rhonda Lane

Rae Greaves

Virginia Hall

Hollie Mallardi


Do we need to refresh your memory again MR. TURNBULL ?


Now MR. MALCOLM TURNBULL , do you, not think , that consistent disclosures of child sexual abuse by the children , to the number of people mentioned above , might perhaps mean that the said disclosures are or were credible ? Do you not also think that the persistent disclosures to numerous people continued because none of the trusted adults by way of the police and child protection did anything to stop the abuse ? Just a thought MR. TURNBULL !

These children disclosed the following ( amongst MANY other disclosures )  :-

The father MICHAEL WATTER rubbing his penis against their vaginas and making them sore !

The father MICHAEL WATTER ” playing “with his penis ! Only because they did not understand the word ‘Masturbation’

The father MICHAEL WATTER’S penis going stiff when the children had to play with it !

The father MICHAEL WATTER telling the children that the game was a secret !

The father MICHAEL WATTER telling the children that police cannot be trusted !

The father MICHAEL WATTER being angry because the children had reported being abused !

The father MICHAEL WATTER playing with their vaginas whilst on the toilet !

The father MICHAEL WATTER using his little girls to masturbate himself !

 MR. TURNBULL , ALL of the above is consistent with child victimization as is evidenced by researched literature readily available , research with multiple victims and offenders , and YET none of the esteemed police and child safety officers took any notice or took into account the reports from the named 13 people !!!

Do you not think MR. TURNBULL that at the very least these named people should have been investigated by the police and Child Safety ?

Do you not think MR. TURNBULL that the Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart should be ordered to RE INVESTIGATE these complaints or are you personally happy with the quality of the case attended to so far ?In fact we suggest you do nothing of the sort ! We do NOT want police investigating police -we want a PUBLIC RE INVESTIGATION so there are NO more cover ups !

Do you not think MR. TURNBULL that reports and affidavits by qualified personnel , the likes of , Psychologist Caroline Seri ( a former employee of Child Safety ) , should have more attention paid to them , particularly when a copy of a drawing done by one of the children , of her father MICHAEL WATTER , placing his penis between her legs , is sent to the police ? Seriously , MR. TURNBULL , do you approve of the conduct of your police in this case ? If not then DO SOMETHING ! If you do  then DO NOTHING as is the case at the moment !

 We are as prepared to pay for your telephone call to get the ball rolling as Julian Assange is to pay for your taxi fare to the Ecuadorian Embassy !

 MR. TURNBULL , There are numerous reports by psychiatrists and psychologists that have been totally IGNORED by Child Safety and the Police ! Do you think that this is reasonable considering the fact that this case involves two young girls who have been raped by their father MICHAEL WATTER and given a sexually transmitted infection previously passed onto their mother ? This fact alone should make you sit up in HORROR and want to do something to deal with this injustice ! OR maybe not !


Finally , MR. TURNBULL , only YOU can help free the Watter twins and bring them back to safety  !


Help us clarify the leaks we are leasing, so we can discover which are significant and which are not. You may securely and anonymously submit information via WikiLeaks 

WikiDetecives will prioritize the list based on the available information and seek to ascertain the leading candidates directly, through the legal system, or indirectly through our network of journalists, intelligence sources, volunteers and readers. If you email us ( we will alert you when the record has been obtained.

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  1. My understanding is that Matthew Morrison’s name should be included in the list of contact supervisors who heard disclosures and Lynne Bartlett’s name removed

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