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MICHAEL WATTER , we will refrain from commenting on ALL posts from now on as we believe they speak for themselves !

You , the public , need to read BOTH PIECES OF CORRESPONDENCE and make your own minds up as to who is at fault and where the blame lies for the cover ups and inaction regarding this case .  You decide if the police need to be looked at here . You decide if Child Safety has done their job . 

We have the relevant copies of this correspondence and the attachments referred to just in case MICHAEL WATTER thinks they are figments of our imagination !

A PUBLIC RE INVESTIGATION is URGENTLY needed Mr. TURNBULL to enable the freedom of these children and to allow them the counselling that  and is so desperately needed !


From: Freda Briggs
Sent: Friday, 1 August 2014 8:06 AM
To: ‘Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services’
Cc: Recipient 1 . Recipient 2 .
Subject: re the Watter twins

Dear Minister

I contacted the Premier and yourself about this case some time ago. In fact, a letter from the premier on the 24th April asked me to make an appointment to meet with you when I am next in Brisbane.

I will be there for one day only on September 2nd  but am giving a lecture for the medical profession on October 18th and could come earlier.

I wrote to inform you of my concerns relating to the Watter children from Townsville who are in hiding with their mother. The magistrate has stated that she will be jailed when found and the children will be returned to their father.

Sixteen months ago, I sent a detailed complaint to the Queensland Crimes & Misconduct Commission about the mishandling of this incest case by Townsville Police Detective Sgt David Miles and Michelle Faint.  I was expert adviser to the mother’s lawyers and had access to all DVD interviews.

Townsville Police dismissed reports of incest as a child dreaming about having sex with her father at the age of two. According to them, this would have caused both children to ask at least a dozen people for help when they were aged 4- 7years. Police bullying of the mother on some 46 pages of transcript was so appalling that a discourse analyst  was asked to examine it.  The result of her analysis is being published by two professional journals… one by an international university and the other for the legal profession with the assistance of a magistrate.

The QCMC  engaged Inspector Craig Weatherley (Brisbane)to investigate my complaint. That concerned me because Inspector Weatherley is not an expert in child development or what would have been appropriate language to use for the stage of development of the Watter twins.  He told me that I would receive a response last November. I didn’t. He did concede that the interviewing police had concocted the idea of a 2 year old dreaming about sex and suggested it to one of the children. Police banned the mother from looking at her daughter’s genitals and banned her from reporting further evidence of abuse. When she discovered that one of the girls had a Sexually Transmitted Infection and a torn anus,  I reported this to Craig Weatherley because the mother was banned from reporting it to Townsville Police. His response to me, in writing, was that there should be mediation between the mother and Detective Sgt Miles. That is why she fled with the children.

A few days ago I received an email and an angry phone call from the father, Michael Watter, revealing that he had seen a copy of my complaint to QCMC relating to Townsville Police and  he had been given my private phone number. I wrote to  Inspector Weatherley seeking an explanation for this. He has not responded.

Today I received the email below which suggests corruption at the highest levels. The writer is a Doctor in psychology.

In the meantime Detective Sgt Miles remains responsible for child protection in Townsville and he has appeared on media

I hope that you will support an inquiry into this horrendous case.

Yours sincerely

Dr Freda Briggs AO

Emeritus Professor in Child Development

University of South Australia

Magill Campus

SA 5072

Tel 08 83794926

From: Recipient 1 .
Date: 31 July 2014 3:39:05 pm AEST
To: Recipient 3 . Recipient 4 .

I have approached the Queensland Attorney General requesting a Judicial enquiry into the conduct of the Townsville Police ( especially the Inspector in charge and Sargent Miles as well as the two police officers who interviewed Cassie Watters along with Bronte and Isabella ) , the Director and staff of The  Department of Child Safety in Townsville , along with the Magistrate and staff of the Townsville Family Court

As the attached reports show…. over 100 reports handed into the family court by various individuals , including the girls GP , a child physiologist ,Court appointed Supervisors and others , have not been investigated by either the police or staff at DOCS

There are claims that Michael Watters,the Inspector of Police and the Director of Docs have met weekly for meals and drinks for more than 4 years , and that they were often joined by the magistrate of the Family Court

Also Michael Watters uncle is a senior member of the Q’ld Government and allegations are being made that he instructed Police and Docs to ignore the claims of Cassie Watters re the sexual abuse as she was mentally unstable and was coaching the girls in making these claims

All Cassie’s times with her girls over the past 2 years at least, have been in the presence of Court appointed supervisors ,non of whom has heard Cassie in any way do such a thing

The first person to whom the girls spoke regarding the sexual abuse was their maternal grandmother who saw also the inflamed genitals of the girls when giving them a bath when they were only 5 years of age. She was not allowed to testify in the family court

Others also have witnessed the inflamation over the past 4 years and reported this to authorities,and these reports have been ignored

Some months before the girls disappeared , the girls said that ” daddy now allows Mr Steve to do it to us ” as a thank you for his help

Just before the disappearance the girls complained of the pain of penetration . A week or so before Cassie and the girls left Townsville, Cassie received a call from the girls’ doctor, requesting a fresh stool sample from one of the girls. She asked why , and was told that the stool was required to help determine why she was bleeding from the bowel

As I review all this… I cannot help believing that criminal defamation has been undertaken by officials in Townsville , to achieve the non-belief in anything Cassie Watters has claimed

I also believe that officials in Townsville have colluded to achieve a miscarriage of justice and should face criminal charges

Please read all the reports and do what you can to help achieve justice for Cassie Watters and her two girls

Thank you


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