Letter of Offer to KINNECT Kevin Conlon via #WikiDetectives

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter in regards to our concerns for the safety of the two missing Watter Twins and their mother Cassie Watter .

WikiDetectives has received a great deal of evidence relating to this matter and we firmly believe the evidence needs to be in the right hands .

Our investigators have been involved in this case for 3 months now . We have made contact and received information from concerned individuals and wish to now take this investigation to the next level so that we may reach finality on having this matter re investigated .

To date we have released most of “ TOP 50 LEAKS “ . We will NOT stop until there has been a public re investigation of this case and the anomalies attended to . When this matter has been dealt with and mother and her twin girls , are home safe , will we stop !

This campaign has been released on Facebook , and Twitter and will continue . The information and evidence is also available on our website .

We are writing to you because your organisation has previously supported Michael Watter personally AND his campaign to find his children and we now expect you to provide both sides of the story to your clients and the general public . Somewhere down the line you WILL be held legally accountable for this support .

We have already sent a letter to the Prime Minister , the Federal Police , the Queensland Police , the NSW Police , the Victoria Police , the WA Police and the Northern Territory Police

We have begun a petition to enable us to FREE THE MISSING TWINS and their mother , and said petition will be hand delivered to Mr. Turnbull , by WikiDetectives Chairman Timothy Holt in the coming weeks .

The father Michael Watter has been threatening Timothy Holt , Wiki Staff , and Wiki Supporters on Facebook , both personally and via threats to their personal mobile telephone number s.

Your support for Michael Watter has been noted and we encourage you to contact the Chairman Timothy Holt on 1800 UNSEEN so that we may bring this matter to a conclusion .


Timothy Holt
Wiki Detectives Pty Ltd

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