Letter of Offer to The Hon. Jarrod Bleitje via #WikiDetectives

Dear Sir ,

We are again writing to you with regards to our concerns for the safety of the two missing Watter Twins and their mother Cassie Watter .
WikiDetectives continues to receive evidence on this matter which we are authenticating before release to our facebook page , Twitter and Google .

We have written to you again because you have had direct dealings with this matter and in our opinion your handling of the case has been akin to a game of “pass the parcel in an Irish Pub “. We expect you to look into this matter and NOT to continue to sweep it under the carpet . We will NOT go away and will continue with this until the matter has been reinvestigated !

We have already sent correspondence to the Prime Minister , the Federal Police , the Queensland Police , The NSW Police , The WA Police , The Victoria Police , The South Australia Police , The Northern Territory Police and Tasmania Police as well as various news organisations

The father Michael Watter has previously threatened Timothy Holt , Wiki Staff , and Wiki Supporters on Facebook , as well as via threats to their personal mobile telephone numbers .

We ask that you contact us so that we may bring this matter to a resolution to enable these children and their mother to receive the counselling they will so desperately need !

Timothy Holt
Wiki Detectives Pty Ltd

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