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See below the balance of the conversation .

This case is getting international exposure Mr. Turnbull – what exactly are you doing about it ?

See all the comments Mr. Turnbull !

Why not show the world you have a pair Mr. Turnbull and do something about the corruption in the police and child protection services in Townsville !

We know there are only a select few individuals that need looking at ,  but whilst you are at it , why not enquire about the Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart who appears to have a problem looking at or listening to evidence pertaining to this case and yet has NO problem determining that the mother is guilty and that the children should be handed back to their father to be sexually abused !

Why not do that Mr. Turnbull and prove to us you are a man of action and not someone who supports these cover ups through inaction !

Help us to free the twins Mr. Turnbull !





Aussie Protective Mom Cathy Escapes into Hiding with Twin Girls!

Help Support Her and STOP the HUNT:
Call or email Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie
Email: Attorney@ministerial.qld.gov.au
Call: 324 79068

You can write your own email or copy and paste:

Dear Attorney General Bleijie,

Safe Kids International has made me aware of a serious injustice being committed within your jurisdiction. A mother who has been trying to protect her children from sexual abuse was not able to due to evidence being dismissed and concealed by the police, judges and safety officers.

Dismissal of evidence of sexual abuse and placement with paternal perpetrators is an international human rights crisis. See: www.RightsForWomenAndChildren.org.

The Royal Commission has even been petitioned by Bravehearts (http://www.bravehearts.org.au/

) and others to include Family Courts in their investigation of the cover up of sexual abuse.

Please do not be a party to this cover up and persecution of this wonderful protective mother and children who have thousands of supporters from all over the world. We are asking you to do the right thing and stop the hunt and dismiss the charges against her. You can see some of the mountain of evidence of abuse on Safe Kids International FB page: www.facebook.com/SafeKidsInternational. But of course you can get ALL the evidence on your own and see for yourself.

Please help save this mother and her precious children.

Thank you

The same pattern is occurring in PM Catherine’s case as has occurred in hundreds of thousands of other cases worldwide: mothers try and protect their children from abuse and custody is switched to the abusive father through false findings of alienating or coaching by mom. The mother is placed on supervised visitation to silence them about the abuse and the abuse continues.

The mainstream media has taken the father’s side in this case, as is so often the case when mothers give up on the system and go into hiding. So we present here, in social media, the mother’s and children’s side.
[Here is the one-sided “investigative” report: http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/8837023/three-weeks-and-no-sign-of-missing-twin-girls



A report by a renowned expert in sexual abuse describes the abuse of KIDS in DANGER: Twins Bronte and Isabella, from the age of 2 years to the time their Protective Mom Catherine successfully escaped family court injustice and went into hiding this April. The girls are now nearly 8 years old.

For a period of eighteen months, the girls had been disclosing child sexual abuse to at least thirteen different people, pleading, “Please ask daddy to stop hurting my vagina/tushka”. At times, they described the appearance of their father’s sexually aroused penis and they also exhibited inappropriate sexual behaviours. A child psychologist confirmed the belief that the children had been abused but police ignored her AND the twelve other witnesses.

The child safety officer seems to have missed these interviews with the children. It would appear that she’d already decided that the mother, the director of a paediatric health centre, was “training” the children to make false reports against the father for vindictiveness and, as a result of the officers’ opinion, the children were removed by the Family Court and placed in the care of the accused father. The children then had restricted, supervised contact with their mother.

Complaints about the father’s behaviour continued subsequent to the interviews. Amazingly, police and safety officer concluded that one of the twins DREAMT having sex with her father when she was only two years old and although she cannot remember the dream, this is the explanation they give for all the complaints made over an 18 month period by both girls when they were aged 4-6. It is significant that the reference to a dream was actually introduced by police.

Police instructed the mother to dismiss future disclosures of sexual abuse by the children, banned the mother from reading a child protection story book that is published by a government funded organisation and recommended by the child safety organisation, told the mother that future allegations of sexual abuse will not be investigated, threatened the mother that if she examines their genitals when they complain of soreness, she will be arrested.

The list of persons receiving the reports of abuse includes a psychologist, a psychiatrist, an occupational therapist and five different contact supervisors none of whom appear to have been interviewed. The sexually abusive behaviour was described as: the father rubbing his penis against the vaginas of the 5-year old twins and making them sore; the father “playing” with his penis; his penis went stiff when the child had to play with it; the father telling the children that the game was a secret; the father telling the children that police cannot be trusted; the father being angry because the girls had reported being abused. The children were examined by a GP who made notifications of abuse to the Department. Vaginal cystitis, sores and prolonged vaginal pain were reported.

Police ignored the reports made by professionals such as the psychiatrist and psychologist, a former employee of the Child Safety Department who reported child sex abuse to the authorities and sent a copy of a child’s sexually explicit drawing with the child’s statement that daddy placed his penis between her legs. The psychiatrist pointed out that “the father had custody of the children for more than 95% of the time and it seems strange that the Department is pointing the finger at the mother for her children’s abnormal behaviour given that she has had relatively little time with them.”

The explanations police gave for the disclosures of abuse were contradictory and so unprofessional that Australia’s leading experts on child sexual crimes and discourse analysis were invited to analyze the documentation. As a result of their findings, a formal complaint was lodged with Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, which appointed a police inspector to investigate the handling of this case by police.

Local police banned PM Catherine from making further reports, so in April, after years of trying to protect her precious daughters, she fled into hiding. When she is located, she will be imprisoned and the children will be returned to the father. Unless Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie stops this injustice. Please email or call him and ask him to help protect them.

*We at Safe Kids International support PM Catherine in her act of civil disobedience.

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JoriNunes Shared on my books page.

9 August at 11:03 · Like · 2

Julie Olson Protect those kids! ! The courts won’t!

9 August at 11:04 · Like · 7

Tina Parsons Neither will the Attorney General or any other politician. Who do you think appoints these judges (against our Constitution)?? They are all in it up to their necks. We have much evidence of all of this now (check out the many posts on my timeline).

No, We the people MUST help each other!! Start an underground movement & take it OFF of facebook!!!

9 August at 11:37 · Like · 15

Linda Bennett Victims are NOT protected in Australia

9 August at 12:10 · Like · 6

Donna Parker I can’t do this right now (on a mobile device) but want to be able to find it when I get to a computer. Could you please e-mail this post to me at Luke.Kirschmann.Foundation@gmail.com?

9 August at 12:18 · Like

June Wiest I too am mobile
Please pm me the post. My message box is open. Thank you!

9 August at 12:55 · Like

Tina Parsons Donna & Julie, FB has a new feature (in your left hand bar) to allow you to save links etc for later browsing

9 August at 13:30 · Like · 1

Donna Serna This whole ‘parental alienation’ accusation has become a pedophile’s absolute dream come true. I was also accused and found “guilty of severe alienation” by two whores of the court, paid for by… guess who? He often likes to brag that he “paid $60,000 for those reports!” I firmly believe it’s the only true statement he’s ever made. I like to call and write on behalf of other moms going through this. I pray she is not caught.

9 August at 14:48 · Like · 10

Lena De Beer Trichardt Yes they are where they are supposed to be!

9 August at 15:22 · Like · 1

Rhonda CaseKristi Kernal

9 August at 16:03 · Like

Rita Philomena I will be sharing and sending my request to the AG

9 August at 20:02 · Like

Rita Philomena We are praying that she isn’t found.

9 August at 20:02 · Like · 1

Suzi Martin email sent

9 August at 20:39 · Like

Gracee Moon I hope she is never caught. Family Courts are a joke they say they are for the best of the child, but that is a crock. Good Luck to the mother Catherine and her girls.

9 August at 20:43 · Like · 7

Raven B Echo Omg I cannot understand this system we have! It’s disgusting! I pray they stay hidden and I pray that one day the underground will be more available to those in need. (I wld love to know how to disappear)

9 August at 21:47 · Like · 1

Stop Emotional Child Abuse It is about time that judges start handing down stiff penalties for access and visitation denial. If a father doesn’t pay child support then he can lose his drivers license, business license, and go to jail. But if visitation is denied virtually nothing happens. Emotional support is crucial to the health and well-being of children !! Family Courts are injuring “fit” parents by allowing false allegations of domestic violence strip a father’s right to access his child. There are several well documented “Family Court CAUSED” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases logged with the Florida Department of Health. To make matters worse the children are hurting because of the lies. False allegations of domestic violence IS domestic violence. AND Parental Alienation is CHILD ABUSE!!! These lies are formulated by attorneys, recommendations to the clients to file FALSE POLICE REPORTS (Information Only Reports). Parents are unjustly denied access because of the PTSD injury the “Family Court CAUSED”; believing accusations without REAL evidence, not an “Information Only Police Report”. Ironic? YES and ILLEGAL!! (USC Title 18 Section 242) Furthermore it’s DISCRIMINATION by a Family Court Judge who has “Absolute Judicial Discretion” in an EMPTY COURTROOM!!! So lets say you walk into family court to do the right thing, as a petitioner, asking for contact, responsibility, “to pay” child support; then the Judge hits you with her mallet and cripples dad. Then, dad enters limping back into Family Court, the Judge says “you cannot see your child because you’re crippled”. Then the Judge removes herself from the case when dad (petitioner) tells the Florida Bar AND the Judge about the ILLEGAL POLICE REPORT AND PERJURY BY MOM. The requirement and Standard for Preponderance of Evidence to separate a child from a parent IGNORED!!! 08-29595 American Fathers Liberation ArmyChildren’s Rights

10 August at 00:11 · Like · 2

Sherry Jeu email sent. praying

10 August at 03:21 · Like

Genevieve Peace Friedman praying she isn’t found…. though, as a former ‘hider’…. I know its a tough life with children to stay in hiding for a long time…… someone grow some gonads and DO THE RIGHT THING…… this is NOT made up.

10 August at 11:56 · Like · 4

Warren Rusty Wilson Instead. Just go hunt down the pedophile “father” and beat him sense -less and show him the kind of thing that will happen to him if he continues with the HUNT… I am willing to do the deed. Show me where he is !… ,I am S I C K of these pedophiles ! ….SICK to my stomach…..

10 August at 23:30 · Like · 4

TarneaSwanwick I pray that these girls never have to see their ‘father’ again! Good on the mum for taking that leap to protect her children when the justice system wouldn’t

11 August at 07:48 · Like · 7

Emma Pogonoski I applaud this courageous mother. May I never have to fight like she is, and so many others in her position.
Read this Dimitra Pantazis and tell me if you think authorities will do anything to protect that baby girl whose vile parents were on 60 minutes last night. Children are court ordered to live with their abusers more often than they aren’t in the family courts. It’s a disgrace and the whole family court needs investigating and overhauling.

11 August at 12:40 · Like

Anne Cole How come this information has not been made public

11 August at 14:51 · Like · 6

Trace-Anne Mallardi At last ………………..

11 August at 17:22 · Like · 3

Anne-Marie Murray Backwards.Grrrrrrrr

11 August at 17:23 · Like · 1

Deborah Camacho Oh my god!!!!

11 August at 19:01 · Like · 1

Karen Rowe OMG this is awful. Praying the mother and children won’t be found

12 August at 09:02 · Like

MuzLaufer The system ….

12 August at 11:06 · Like

Tracy Kepper I was told their mother asked the family courts for their father to have full custody. Also these are pretty serious allegations against any parent.

12 August at 12:21 · Like · 7

Kylie Phillips How did the father end up with full custody?

12 August at 17:18 · Like · 2

Corinne BaileyRachael Armstrong

12 August at 18:07 · Like · 1

Emma Mcnaughton Wow!!!! Knew there wS more to this story

12 August at 18:53 · Like · 4

Martina Halamkova God protect you and your children through all this.Love m

12 August at 19:39 · Like

Jialin TanSim ChesherRenee Perkins what is going on here?!

12 August at 21:17 · Like

Renee PerkinsWtf? Why would she sign over full custody? These poor girls.

12 August at 21:24 · Like · 1

Jialin Tan I don’t know. I don’t know what is true but for the children’s sake I hope it gets sorted. Abusers are masters of deception. At the same time these are terrible and unsubstantiated allegations. This situation just stinksRenee.

12 August at 21:29 · Like · 3

Renee Perkins Either side of this case is so detrimental to the kids. What sort of a life will they lead when both sides are being so vile about the other. They brought these girls into the world together. So much for what’s in the child’s best interests. I agree Jialin. It stinks.

12 August at 21:33 · Like

Trish Hutton It’s good to read two sides to this story. One must also be mindful of the fact that people who do have a mental illness and become unwell very often are discriminated against. Even when they are well again. She could be telling the truth, she could be telling lies. I reakon a full investigation needs to be held.

12 August at 23:09 · Like · 2

Tracey Keeley You go Catherine! Fierce love & protection for your children is the utmost maternal instinct. Safe travels for you and your girls xx

12 August at 23:49 · Like · 3

Margaret Howden Surely if this was the case they would of been examined by a doctor at some point and you would think that if there was evidence of sexual abuse the doctors would of reported it. I don’t know all the details but sound odd to me.

13 August at 06:30 · Like · 9

Donna Ryan Glad this has finally come to light.

13 August at 08:21 · Like · 3

Sonja HughesAmie Mummy Hughes…..sounds like what’s happened to you….your son comes home with burns on his arms from his fathers house and now both your kids are in his care….despite all the evidence and the witnesses!!!!

13 August at 08:44 · Like

Sonja Hughes The law in Australia is ” even though the mother didn’t abuse her children she failed to protect them from abuse, even if she didn’t know it was happening”…,yes it’s an actual defence!!!! It’s a bs one but it’s one that’s widely used!!!

13 August at 08:46 · Like · 1

Laura Andrew What the …….. How about the parents think about the kids for once and get this sorted for the girls sake couldn’t imagine what they are thinking

13 August at 08:47 · Like

Sonja Hughes Renee Perkins….you don’t have a choice….either you sign them over or they get taken from you in the most horrific way!! This has just happened to MY daughter and her children!!

13 August at 08:49 · Like

Kylie Wilson-Phalmer Because Anne Cole the police, Judges, child welfare and media have been on the fathers side!

13 August at 11:42 · Like · 1

Amy Johnston They won’t intervene, I know this from first hand experience. Due to it being a Family Court matter the Attorney General will send a generic response and state it’s out of their control.

13 August at 12:43 · Like

Jess Whittington Disgusting

13 August at 14:58 · Like

Natalie Woods The whole justice system sucks it’s a joke my ex has custody of my son even though he physically abused him and I can’t so squat

13 August at 15:58 · Like · 2

Amie Mummy Hughes I know how you feel, as I toam currently doing this only I wasn’t successful

13 August at 18:36 · Like

Amie Mummy Hughes I hope you can keep those girls safe

13 August at 18:37 · Like

James DanielsTrent Johnston, look at the allegations. I

13 August at 21:19 · Like · 1

Mary Beth SussJodi Dody Jolie remember we discussed this case

21 hours ago · Like · 1

Jodi Dody Jolie Yes I do Mary Suss, all good

21 hours ago · Like · 1

Mary Beth SussAustralian Missing Persons Register, Australian Missing and Endangered Children

21 hours ago · Like · 1

Jodi Dody Jolie If this is in fact true, then keep running mum. Far from that monster.

21 hours ago · Like

Stevi Ann KinmanDesleyWyburg

20 hours ago · Like

Kylie Joan the people that are suppose to help us can be totally the people we run from ! Why is there one rule for one and then they change the rules to suit themselves. Bring in the investigations on all the police officers involved ! ! There will be mistakes made and this women should keep her kids !

18 hours ago · Like · 2

Charlie Clark So sad… Both sides of the story differ greatly. I hope Isabelle & Bronte are safe where ever they are xoxo

18 hours ago · Like · 1

Bren MG I hope they are never found until the dirty dog has been locked up and the police should be looked into as well as the child safety .To often we hear that Child safety has let down kids and not protect them from harm . I hope he his followers that are being so easly brainwashed from his lies is reading all of this

18 hours ago · Like · 1

Fiona WilliamsonLaura / Tanya – can you tag Storm for this?

18 hours ago · Like · 2

Laura BullimoreStorm Cody!!!

18 hours ago · Like · 1

Storm Cody Could not of said it better liam! People who don’t know the fact really should not comment nor become involved.

17 hours ago · Like · 3

Jude Townson Why has the press allowed us to believe that the father is the victim in this.. I am disgusted.. Shame on u bulletin and the FB page asking us to dob the mum in.. If a mother can’t protect her kids …. Who will? Certainly not the child protection agency who are suppose to be keeping our kids safe.. Hope all three are safe and happy.

17 hours ago · Like

Kimberley Henderson I help her hide and I will fright to catch their girls from harm catch hiding mum we are all backing you

17 hours ago · Like

Miette Ophelie Keep running!! The father sounds like a disgusting pig!!!!!

16 hours ago · Like

Jodi SteffWas the court case and all the investigations done in T’ville?? The way its been handled and what happens is true and this is not an isolated case. Child protection laws need an overhaul and ppl dealing with it need to be re trained because at the end of the day you prove over and over again that you have no idea and dont care and in 15+ yrs to come when these kids start taking their fathers to court and want everyone who dealt with it held acountable for not protecting and ruining their lives and the fact the missed out on their mothers you will all loose you jobs.. i see this as the same as the stolen generation, no one wakes up untill the damage is done. KEEP HIDING MUM, THE GIRLS WILL BE OLD ENOUGH ONE DAY TO TELL THE TRUTH.

16 hours ago · Like

Joel Thomas When found, this woman will be going to gaol and will have no contact with the children. Regardless of the veracity of any of the above.

7 hours ago · Like  


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