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The little man at his finest again !


Michael’s Admissions of Depression


Upon returning from Mick & Cassies’ Wedding in Fiji, they were married on 22nd March 2000, I received a letter from Mick’s grandmother. (Copy attached).

Mick’s mother phoned me, weekly for a few months, begging me to be patient with him and help him with his behavioral problems. She was extremely upset that Mick would not contact her and asked that I encourage him to keep regular contact with her. She also asked, at each phone call, that Heather & I assist him and support him with his temper and behavioral problems. I gave her my word that we would be as helpful to him as we could possibly be.

We have kept that promise to his mother right up until Mick stopped all contact with us and Cassie’s side of the family on 24th Jan 2012. (Refer diary entry dated 24th January 2012.)

Sadly, over the years, we have watched Mick’s behavior deteriorate to the stage where it became very worrying.

Mick took the girls, Bronte & Isabella, to Brisbane for a few days in early January of this year and did not visit either his mother or father with the girls. This would have been devastating for his mother.

20th November 2011. Whilst at ‘Lolly-Pops’ at Domain Central, Mick became very strange. He started to tremble, became very pale and was crying. I did not discuss the problem with him. Within 40 minutes, he appeared to have taken control of himself again although he remained very subdued.

4th January 2012.        It was the girls 5th Birthday party with approximately forty children and adults attending. Mick did not get involved in conversation with guests or take part in any of the proceedings of the party whatsoever. He went inside after the bar-b-cue was cooked and appeared pale, trembling, was crying and very distant in manner. When asked what the matter was, he replied that he was suffering from severe depression and had done for years. He would not eat. After about 20 minutes, Mick seemed to settle and enjoyed some of the bar-b-cue food but still did not mix with the guests or any of the girls’ friends but returned inside and stayed there until it was time to leave.

8th January 2012.        Access visit by Mick with the girls. He stayed very quiet, strange and distant. He accepted a soft-drink but I could not connect with him at all.

10th January 2012.      During another access visit, Mick again revealed that he suffers from depression for years. I offered my sympathy and told Mick that I was available to talk with him if at anytime he wanted to talk about his problem. He said, ‘Thank you! That would be good.’

17th January 2012.      Again Mick was very distant and moody but accepted a glass of wine and dinner but left with a blank look on his face without saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘Goodbye.’

22nd January 2012.     Mick very jubilant and bragging about how good it was to be ‘single’ again and how much he was enjoying life, at present. This behavior seemed to be in contradiction to how he usually behaved as we have never seen him on such a ‘high’ with his emotions. The twins barely spoke during the visit and were overly subdued.

24th January 2012.      Mick visited and was very happy until Isabella, who had a shower after swimming and had dressed but had no undies on, jumped up onto the lounge where Heather, Mick & I were sitting, revealing a very red, raw genital area. I immediately told Mick that he & Cassie needed to take her to the doctor which he refused to do saying that, ‘She doesn’t need go to any doctor.’ His attitude changed in an instant and he became very aggressive, irritated and edgy, as he could not sit still and kept getting up, walking a few paces then sitting again. He left in a rush without making sure that he girls were strapped into their car-seats. He had become very aggressive and quite frightening.

28th January 2012.      Mick turned up at our place with cold beer, the Court Order and Reasoning.. He seemed very happy but trying to coach me into critising Federal Magistrate Coker which I refused to do. Mick flew into a rage screaming that we would never see the girls again.

3rd October 2012.       Was standing at the front gate with Mr. Manser when Michael drove past with the girls, on the way to school. Mick gave us the ‘Middle Finger Salute’ in front of the girls and increased speed.

This is a true and honest account of happenings to the best of my knowledge.

Yours faithfully


Arthur Ernest Doubleday



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