Sexual abuse disclosed to 10 people — only 1 interviewed by the police !! #Leak49 #WikiDetectives




Look at how many people the children disclosed the sexual abuse to !

Ask the police and child services how many of those same people were ever questioned ?

Looks like a professional and thorough investigation by the police ?  NOT !!




List of Supervisors



  1. Rae Greaves. Founder of a Women’s shelter here in Townsville.
  2. Norm Land. Distinguished Rotarian.Norm also worked on Pilot boats for Townsville Port Authority until August 2013.
  3. Robert (Bob) Bartlett. Rotarian. Retired Council Executive.
  4. Lynette Bartlett.
  5. Rhonda Lane.
  6. Hollie Mallardi.  Student Social Services.
  7. Professor Virginia Hall OAM. (Gini). Social Science.
  8. Maureen Land.
  9. Mathew Morrison.Retired school teacher and Friend of Rotary
  10. Wendy Williams
  11. Wendy Willcox.
  12. Alex Dronysius.
  13. Karin Carmichael. Rotarian.



People to whom the girls have made sexual disclosures .



  1. Heather Doubleday. Maternal Grandmother.
  2. Arthur Doubleday. Maternal Grandfather.
  3. Christine Young. Retired nurse. .
  4. Reece Willcox.
  5. Patricia Plaistead. Retired Hospital Admistrator.
  6. Ridley Plaistead.   Retired legal Rep for W. A Court. Perth.
  7. Desiree Taylor.
  8. Carolyn Seri. Child Psychologist . Peak Performance Psychology.
  9. Dr Rebecca McGowan.   Townsville & Suburban Medical Practice.
  10. Lucy Dall-Alba. Occupational Therapist.


The supervisors’ reports were sent to the Independent Childrens Lawyer, Ms Joanne Meade who then sent on the reports to the mother’s lawyer and the father’s lawyer. If the girls had revealed anything of a sexual nature against the father, he would then severely punish the children. They often told us about how angry he became when he found out.

A person of great support to Cassie and also ourselves, is Emeritus Professor Rosamund Thorpe, president of Family Inclusion Network Inc.    Another support person for us and who has been involved throughout the entire time, is Mr Neville Abbey, who has just recently handed over the reins of presidency of the Nth. Qld. Grandparents in Need of Support Council Inc.



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