What are the police hiding Inspector Craig Weatherly ? #Leak45 #WikiDetectives


The evident corruption and ineptitude between the police and other government departments grows bigger and bigger !

Why do you think none of the questions in the letter below by the grandfather have been answered ?

Why do you think the police have not questioned  the people the children disclosed their sexual abuse to ?

We are not policemen but we know if we were investigating this case that we certainly would have interviewed every single person the children had disclosed their rape and abuse to ! Wouldn’t you ? Seriously !

Whenever anyone has spoken up they have either been ignored , told to go away and/or disbelieved , irrespective of the evidence ! We refer you back to our very first LEAK 1 and Professor Freda Brigg’s comments and need to ask WHY none of this has been looked at correctly by the authorities ? WE are talking reputable , qualified individuals with no axe to grind !

Why would the Child Safety Officer refuse to give her full name when the sexual and psychological abuse was reported by the grandparents ? Like the grandfather says – he has a transcript of the interview , as we do !

Why would Det. Sen. Sgt. David Miles refuse to take evidence ? He is a policeman is he not or is he just a servant of certain members of the community ?

Police Officer Rob Garnett refused to take evidence from the people the sexual abuse was disclosed to ! Why would that be Mr. Policeman ?

What makes Detective Snr Sgt David Miles, Officer Michelle Faint and a Department of Child Safety Officer judge and jury in this case ?

Evidence has emerged that alleges the Independent Children’s Lawyer, Ms Joanne Meade of Legal Aid, Townsville, attempted to interfere with evidence to be presented to the Family Court and yet nothing is done about this either ! Why ?

Why are answers still being awaited from Inspector Craig Weatherley ? Is it because Professor Freda Briggs has passed away and therefore cannot follow up on her questions ? Very convenient for Inspector Craig Weatherly isn’t it !

The previous LNP Government’s Minister for Child Safety, Hon Tracey Davies, refused to meet with child protection specialists, Ms Hetty Johnston and Emeritus Professor Dr Freda Briggs AO in relation to the case. Why? Yes —- why ?

So many questions and absolutely NO answers !!

There is no question here that a PUBLIC RE INVESTIGATION is needed !

Hon Jo-Ann Miller

Minister for Police & Emergency Services

And Minister for Corrective Services

P.O. Box 122

Goodna Q;d   4300

27th April 2015

Dear Madam,

We met with you at the recent Queensland State Government Minister’s Meeting, held in Townsville on 29th February 2015. We were accompanied by several Social Welfare, Child Protection and Family Violence Service Centre workers with more than 130yrs combined experience in their various fields.

We were all disappointed with our inability to present evidence in the Watter v Watter case.

The Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, held his line repeatedly by stating that Mrs Cassie Watter needed to be brave and present herself with her children, Isabella and Bronte, for questioning.

Indeed, she was brave enough to come forward and report the abuse that the children reported to her. The children were also brave enough to disclose to the Child Protection Investigation Unit, in minute detail, the abuse which their father, Mr Michael James Watter had inflicted upon them.

Detective Snr Srg David Miles, Officer Michelle Faint and a Department of Child Safety Officer told the mother that they did not believe her or the children.

The children have disclosed abuse to many reputable people, who have never been spoken to by Police or Child Safety, including ourselves.

Police Officer Rob Garnett also refused to take evidence of abuse that the children had disclosed to witnesses.

We reported to Department of Child Safety officer, Ms Gaynor Williams, on 3rd March 2013 the allegations of sexual and psychological abuse of which the children had reported to us. Ms Williams refused to take the abuse saying that it was a police matter. Ms Williams refused to give her full and proper name at the interview. A transcript of the interview is available.

On 17th January 2013, we telephoned Det Snr Srg David Miles, who refused to take the evidence from us that the children had disclosed to us. A transcript of the conversation is available.

Both these attempts to report abuse were prior to a Court Case.

Evidence has emerged that alleges the Independent Childrens Lawyer, Ms Joanne Meade of Legal Aid, Townsville, attempted to interfere with evidence to be presented to the Family Court.

We were stunned when told, by police, of Cassie and the girl’s disappearance and could not understand why she would place herself under the threat of imprisonment. However with the mountain of evidence, which has emerged since 4th April 2014, it would appear that, in order to protect the children, she had no other option.

We do not support her actions and have no idea of her whereabouts.

The comments from the Commissioner that we or Cassie’s siblings should contact her and encourage her to return were very hurtful, particularly to my wife, as it implied that we knew where Cassie is, which we don’t. We both have slept little since their disappearance and are constantly trying to work out where they might be and if okay or even if alive. We grieve every day for the loss of our daughter and precious grandchildren.

We have full respect and confidence in the Commissioner and to put it in layman’s terms, we believe to be an honest cop’, but, maybe, not fully briefed on the case.

We believe that Cassie could be encouraged to return, with the children, given the right environment.

I mentioned the encouragement of Cassie to return, to the A/Regional Crime Coordinator, Northern Region, Inspector, Cheryl Scanlon, who referred us to Child Safety. On contacting Child Safety, they would not even acknowledge that we had even asked the question.

Mrs Cassie Watter with her daughters Bronte and Isabella would need to be brave, very brave indeed, to return to the disbelief, bullying, threats and mistreatment of Officials in C.P.I.U. and D.O.C.S. in Townsville. All trained Child Protection Personnel should know that five year old children would be unable to ‘dream’ the sexual abuse which these girls, Isabella and Bronte, had described so explicitly to Officers at C.P.I.U. with a Child Safety Officer present, unless they had experienced it.

The Queensland Police Service’s insistence that no further investigations can commence until all three are located, is concerning as all three were available for almost 2 ½ years prior to their disappearance and yet, Det Snr Srg David Miles refused to investigate, during that time, disclosures of sexual abuse which the girls had revealed to so many reputable witnesses.

We know of another family, in Townville, who have had a similar experience with Child Protection Investigation Unit and Child Safety, in the fact that Det Snr Srg David Miles does not believe the mother or her children about sexual abuse, perpetrated against the children by their father. Astonishingly, Det Snr Srg David Miles still heads the C.P.I.U. in Townsville.

Nigh on 18months ago a serious complaint was lodged with the, then, Crime & Misconduct Commission, now the Crime & Corruption Commission in relation to Det Snr Srg David Miles and others. This complaint was handed to Inspector Craig Weatherley to investigate. Has the investigation been completed? If so, are you able to advise us of the outcome?

Justice Tree of the Federal Family Court, warned all parties, including the press that Section 121 of the Family Law Act would be enforced. Section 121 relates to the information, relative to a specific case being not made public. We have observed this ruling by only going public when asked by the police to request Cassie and the Children to return. Mr Watter has ignored Section 121 by placing the Watter v Watter Court Rulings on Facebook. Mr Watter has accused us of being involved in the abduction and harbouring of Cassie and the children and has also run a strong campaign against his wife by accusing her of having mental problems and abusing the children, gaining him huge public support.

The previous LNP Government’s Minister for Child Safety, Hon Tracey Davies, refused to meet with child protection specialists, Ms Hetty Johnston and Emeritus Professor Dr Freda Briggs AO in relation to the case. Why? Is your Government prepared to meet with these expert people who have an intimate knowledge of the Watter v Watter case.

Your Government was swept to power on the promise of integrity and accountability. These principals have not been applied to this case.

Please do something to have these children’s cries for help, heard and believed.


Yours faithfully

Heather & Arthur Doubleday


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