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Name: Catherine (Cassie) Lee Watter (03/10/1972)
Ex-Husband: Michael James Watter (19/2/1976)
Children: Bronte & Isabella Watter (4/1/07) Twins


Profile: Cassie Watter 
Owner/Director of Child Health and Development Centre (Paediatric Allied Health Centre Opened January 2010, winner of Early Childhood Australia award for Service Delivery in first year of operation.

– Volunteer work –
Inclusion Works (Disability Inclusion) Board member and previously Treasurer
Rotary Club of Thuringowa Central previous year Community Services Chair, current Treasurer. Nominated by the club for (and received) an Australian Community Service award.

  • Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Program – Vice President and assisted in founding
    Umbrella Network (for children with a disability) – Board member
  •  Established Multiple Birth volunteer home visiting program in Townsville in 2009

Profile: Michael Watter
Licensee for Kinnect Townsville (Occupational Rehabilitation)
Exercise Physiologist

– Volunteer work –
Member of Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise
22/3/2000: Date of Marriage
Bronte & Isabella Born: 4/1/2007
September 2009 Date commenced seeing Relationships Australia for Domestic Violence: (Matthew Power)
March 2011: Change in girls’ behaviour (inc terrified of being alone with father, wetting and soiling pants, Bronte fear of going to the toilet, withdrawn/ ‘zoned out’ and more aggressive)

March/April 2011 The girls saw Laura Browne (speech pathologist) in regards to their behaviour with their father.
Approx June 2011 Bronte saw Lucy Dall’Alba (Occupational Therapist) sometime towards the middle of the year in regards to toileting issues – being scared to go to the toilet.
mid/end July Bronte taken to GP as Bronte waking with extreme pain in vaginal area night for approximately a week with no visible cause for the pain.

14/8/2011 Date of Separation: (Michael left 15/8/11 for work out of town)

21/8/2011: Girls and I moved out of the house to maternal grandparent’s house with minimal items. No legal action taken at the time.

29/8/2011: Bronte woke up with pain in the vaginal area again. This time disclosed to myself and Nana (Heather Doubleday) that it was due to ‘Daddy hurting it’. Mum advised me to take her to the doctor the next day.

30/8/11: Girls had an appt with OT (Lucy Dall’Alba) re issues regarding separation. Bronte disclosed to Lucy (without me present) that her father had rubbed her ‘toushka’ (vagina). Isabella said he did it to her too, and then said she was just kidding.

30/8/11: Girls taken to GP (Rebecca McCowan) who checked with practice owner (Kevin Arlett) and then reported to Child Safety and the police.

31/8/11 Bronte interviewed by CPIU (Rob Garnett) and DOCS (Merle McNulty). I was advised that there was no indication of sexual abuse, but that Bronte had confirmed she was
scared of her father. I was advised to get the book ‘Everyone has a Bottom’ for the girls.
DATE Dr Rebecca McCowan referred the girls under a Mental Health Care plan to child psychologist Carolyn Seri for issues relating to separation.

11/9/11 Sexualised behaviour in bathtub witnessed myself– saying it was Daddy’s funny hugs in Mummy and Daddy’s bed during their daytime rest with no underwear on. That Daddy tickles himself in his groin area while tickling them and their actions would be consistent with a male masturbating.

12/9/11 Sexualised behaviour in bathtub as per 11/9 witnessed by Patricia Plaisted and myself.

13/9/11 I rang Child Safety and reported the sexualised behaviour. It was not investigated.

23/9/11 Girls’ first appointment with Carolyn Seri.

27/9/11 Got the book ‘Everyone has a Bottom’ from the library.

28/9/11 Bronte disclosed that Daddy had asked her to keep a bad secret. The bad secret was him playing with her toushka – but that he had said he would never do it again.

30/9/11 Isabella asked for Patricia Plaisted and myself to ask her father not to play with her private parts when he collected them that day. This is the date that I had apparently
told the child safety officer that I was going to “set up my husband so that he would never be able to see his children again”. This was also apparently the day that I sent Michael text messages saying ‘come over honey’ etc which was used in the judgement as proof that I was setting him up. My text messages that day were actually more about the girls still being scared of him.

2/10/11 Disclosure by Isabella to Carolyn Seri who reported to Child Safety. Isabella had drawn a picture of herself and her father with genitals then
said that he rubs her ‘there’ with ‘that’.

3/10/11 Isabella interviewed by CPIU (Rob Garnett) and DOCS (Merle McNulty). There were second CIPU officer and DOCS officer there but I am unaware of their names. I was advised again that there was no
evidence of sexual abuse but that Isabella had admitted that she ‘makes things up’.

4/10/11 – Mediation at Dispute Resolution Centre. Some items agreed but not custody. Savvy Francis (JP) was my support person in the mediation.
– Girls’ had session with Carolyn Seri. Taken by Poppy (Arthur Doubleday) as I was in mediation.
– Bronte interviewed by CPIU (Rob Garnett) and DOCS (Merle McNulty). Again advised no evidence of sexual abuse. Advised both girls had been direct questioned.

8/10/11 Stephen & Sheree Heilbronn (Michael’s friends) came (without invitation) to my parents’ house and said that they were going to ‘take action’ and that the girls would be removed from my care within a week if the girls and I did not return to live with Michael immediately.

10/10/11 Girls’ appointment with Carolyn Seri.

12/10/11 Disclosure to Christine Young (JP) by Bronte that ‘Daddy tickles me on the front of my bottom with no pants on naughty Daddy’.

12/10/11 Contacted by Merle McNulty advising a ‘mutual friend’ of myself and Michael had reported me to Child Safety.

13/10/11 Interviewed by Merle McNulty and another officer. Savvy Francis (JP) was present as my support person. DOCS said that they had no concerns in regards to myself as a parent.

17/10/11 Girls’ appointment with Carolyn Seri.

18/10/11 Bronte disclosed that Daddy had told her that he would not touch their private parts again and would not be scary again ‘so it is ok’.

19/10/11 Disclosure to Christine Young (JP) by Bronte ‘Daddy tickles me down there (pointed to vagina) with his third hand. Bronte pointed to Christine’s crotch when she asked where Dad’s third hand was.

19/10/11 Michael lodged a notice of child abuse against me and a request that the girls be removed immediately from my care with the Family Court.

22/10/11 Girls’ appointment with Carolyn Seri.

24/10/11 Report by Carolyn Seri for court.

25/10/11 Bronte disclosed that she had taught her father a new word. When he had said he would not play with their toushka’s any more she had said ‘no Daddy it is called a vagina’ !  Bronte and Isabella disclosed that Daddy tickles their toushkas on the couch and on the bed.

31/10/11 First court date. On arrival at court Michael’s legal representatives advised that they would drop the notice of child abuse against me if I agreed to him having two nights and one afternoon a week with the girls. My solicitors advised me that this had to be agreed to otherwise I could face the removal of the girls if we went to court. Family court order put in place.

2/11/11 Isabella very red and inflamed vagina. Pain when going to toilet. Reported that it was sore because she had wet her pants at Dad’s again. She said that she was scared
to go to toilet at Daddy’s house as he would play with her private parts while she sits there.

4/11/11 Isabella stated that Daddy was rude because he tickled her private parts

5/11/11 Bronte woke up with pain in her vaginal area a number of times during the night again. Night after overnight access with father. Disclosed a number of instances when the girls had been abused. Most I had heard before. She also said that Isabella had spoiled all Daddy’s fun because she would not tickle his penis and that is his favourite thing. Daddy got angry and chased Isabella and Bronte didn’t like it so she got Isabella and locked both of them in the girls’ room so Daddy couldn’t do it anymore. She was laughing at one point about how Daddy’s third arm stands up straight like a soldier when you tickle it. And that when the girls do this Dad doesn’t get angry any more. He laughs and laughs and laughs.

8/11/11 Isabella disclosed to Heather (Grandmother) that Dad has 3 arms. She pointed to her crotch as to the location of his third arm and said that he ‘feels me with this one’

12/11/11 The girls and I had been talking about ‘strong choices’ in regards to sharing etc. Bronte said it was a strong choice to say no to Dad when he asked you to play with his private parts. Isabella started crying and said that she HAD said no to him.

26/11/11 Isabella disclosed to myself that Dad is still fondling them.

9/12/11 Interim Court decision to give father sole custody and sole parental responsibility and for myself to only have supervised access. Magistrate John Coker.  Michael nominated himself as the supervisor for access visits outside of the Relationships Australia supervised contact centre.

13/12/12 The girls rang me to say goodnight. I had them on speaker with Susan Morrison present. Bronte said that she needed to talk to me about the things that Daddy said he wouldn’t do anymore. The phone was disconnected immediately.

16/12/11 Bronte disclosed that Daddy only plays with our private parts sometimes now, so it is ok.

17/12/11 Isabella disclosed at Relationships Australia that Daddy can’t live in the sandcastle she built – only us three girls because Daddy still plays with her private parts.

18/12/11 Bronte said that Daddy broke promises because he promised he wasn’t going to play with her vagina but he still does. This was said at the Cotters Markets to myself and partially heard by their grandmother.

7/1/12 I received permission to recover my clothing from the house – and did so immediately.

10/1/12 Girls visiting with Michael supervising. Isabella disclosed to myself that Daddy had made her have her day time rest in his room while Bronte had to stay in their room. She said that he rubbed her vagina again with his penis and his hands and that it hurt. I said nothing and she started crying and saying over and over ‘it’s the truth Mummy’ and then soiled her pants. After this I took them to the shower. Isabella laid down so I could clean her properly and out of nowhere pointed to her vagina and asked me if I could see where it hurt. It was red.

13/1/12 Had IT person check computers. Password had been changed at the domain, all emails kept for 2 weeks and contact Immediately fixed this.

15/1/12 Terry I have put this in as an example – I have been keeping a thorough as possible diary. Michael will put things in that are not in the correct time-line in order to make us look like we have done something wrong. However we can prove certain things incorrect. Eg he sent me emails saying that I was refusing to mediate a few weeks after I had sent him an email saying I had registered us for mediation and that they would contact him. In his affidavit he states that the Family Relationship Centre would not have an appointment for months – we were already in contact with them and a couple of days after the interim hearing I had a certificate from them stating that mediation was not possible because the other party refused to engage. Michael is very clever at manipulating evidence and events to be ‘just out’ in order to look like I am lying.

Michael and the girls arrived at 8.45am at school. They ran to me. Michael sat out on the front verandah with his computer and we went inside. Isabella was almost immediately sad. I asked what was wrong and she just kept crying. Bronte said ‘she just doesn’t want to be with Daddy any more she wants to be here all the time’ and then she became upset as well. I just hugged both girls and started talking about the happy things we were going to be doing that morning. After about 10 mins I convinced them to pop on their swimmers and we went for a swim. After a few minutes my brother Stephen joined us in the pool.
– The girls mentioned a couple of times that they just didn’t want to go back to Daddy’s house any more and Isabella said that Daddy said it was my fault that they were not allowed to stay here.
– Dad had made a BBQ brunch and called us from the pool for this. They both got out of the pool but when Isabella saw that Michael was also at the table she stopped and refused to go closer. I had to carry her to the table. Diane, Steve, Stephen, Mum and Dad were also there.
– The girls wanted to go straight back inside after they finished their food so I took them in. We took the kittens out and they played with them.
– When it was time to go Isabella said to me that she wanted me to come to the movies. I said that she would have to check with Dad. He said yes. I immediately asked Mum to come as well so I would not be alone with Michael. When we went to leave Bronte opened my car door and climbed in. I called to Michael and just pointed to her and he said they could go in the car with me. Both of their faces just lit up and they straight away started singing songs. When we got to the cinema the girls clung to me. Michael paid for their movie tickets. The girls chose where to sit (right at the front LOL) and Michael walked around the other side and sat next to Bronte. She moved closer to me. For the whole movie Isabella and Bronte both just snuggled in to me – it was wonderful. Isabella whispered a few times and asked if she could please please please just stay with me. I said not this time because it was Daddy’s turn to have the girls stay with him. She hid her head under my coat.

– When the movie was over Michael grabbed Isabella’s hand and walked her out. She pulled away from him and came back to me. When we went outside the girls and I sat on the grass. They did not want to get off my lap and go with Michael and were asking him to please stay with mum. I said to them that they should go and I would send them a photo and a text message on their phone and see them on Tuesday.
– Once the girls were in Michaels’ car I said very quietly at the front of the car that the girls were unhappy and that we needed to talk later about trying to help them. He got immediately angry and said that I had to fix myself. I said ‘what?’ and he said ‘you know what you mean’. He was very loud and the girls heard. Bronte started crying and Isabella’s head dropped. Michael got in the car and slammed his door and nearly reversed into someone else as he was leaving.
18/1/12 Received below email from Michael
Upcoming appts for girls for you to attend:
• Hermit Park SS interview 12pm Friday.
• Isabella specialist at TTH 230pm Friday
• First day of prep 9am Monday

19/1/12 Supervised visit (supervisor Michael). Organised for one of their friends to come (Emily). Isabella soiled herself in the pool again. She disclosed that ‘Daddy still makes me go to his room and can you please please please keep me here mummy.’ Bronte disclosed ‘Daddy doesn’t rub my toushka anymore, he just rubs my clothes there (started rubbing her vagina through her shorts) and he tries to get in the middle and sometimes he can’t and it makes melaugh and laugh.’

20/1/12 Attended meeting at Hermit Park State School and specialist appointment at 2.30pm. Michael agreed that I could spend the time with the girls and Chantell between the appointments as he was going to go back to work. The girls went in Chantell’s car.

22/1/12 Michael supervised visit. Isabella soiled her swimmers again when talking about Daddy being scary.

23/1/12 Attended first day of school. The girls did not have school bags.

24/1/12 I offered to purchase some school bags and Michael agreed to meet me at Willows after school. He disappeared while we shopped. He then allowed the girls to return to Mum & Dads in my car and we bought him some dinner on theway home (KFC). After dinner the girls & I went for a swim. Isabella said that Daddy made her toushka sore and then she soiled her swimmers again. I took them both to the shower. Isabella went to the toilet first and cried when she urinated. I looked and her vagina was red raw. She said ‘can you see where he hurt it Mummy?’ I just asked her if she wanted me to put some cream on and she said ‘no then Daddy will know and he will be angry’. Bronte laid down and pointed to her clitoris. She said ‘this is where he plays with me but it doesn’t hurt see?’ I put both of them in the shower and went and got myself a drink of water then went back in to check them.

Then walked out again and got their clothes and went back in (each time shutting the door). The third time I walked out I had a text message from a friend on my phone so I grabbed that and read the message on my way back to the
bathroom. Isabella got dressed first in a new shirt I had also bought her that day and ran to the lounge room to show it to Nana & Poppy while I dried off Bronte. At 8.57pm that night I received a message from Michael saying ‘why did u take your phone into the bathroom while the girls showered today?’ I replied ‘What?’ and he replied ‘When they were in the shower u came and got your phone then went back into the bathroom and shut the door. I didn’t see you take it in to be fair, but either way I just don’t think its something to do at present. I did not respond.

25/1/12 Received a msg today from Michael saying ‘my idea’ of going to the cricket was a good one and that I should be there from 7.45-12.30. He was playing cricket at Riverway – that had not been ‘my idea’. I thought that was a long time for the girls to be in the heat outside at this time of year and suggested that we spend the morning there, go for a movie (Muppets at 10.15) and be back before 12.30pm. I said I would ensure I would have other people with me. He refused and insisted that the girls stay in the Riverway vicinity and said he would have people ‘monitoring the situation’.
26/1/12 Have taken the following parts straight from my diary as I believe it is the event that was reported to Child Safety. Please not that this is not my ‘complete’ diary.
– Oh my goodness. Turn up to Riverway for 7.45am to see the girls. Made sure I had other people with me so that I would still be ‘under watch’ because Michael was not providing supervision. When he arrived he started talking about having talks with the girls about who can photograph their private parts etc etc. In front of the girls, Desiree, Shannon and her boys and Ray. I ended up walking away and the others walked with me. I said ‘this is just more court stuff’ and removedall of us from the situation.
– After our swim Desiree was chatting to her boys re stranger danger and being able to go to the police etc because there were some people that were a bit ‘wrong’ that were nearby and we moved away from. Bronte told her that
Dad had said not to talk to the police because they weren’t their friends and then Isabella was saying how Daddy plays with her private parts and when they play with his it stands up. She said he had a video of it on his phone. I was horrified because the girls have NEVER said anything in front of a ‘group’ of people before and I didn’t
know what to say and never thought I would be putting Desiree and her boys in that situation. I changed topics about the park/pool/grapes/anything and just kept my head down. Desiree decided to get Shannon to take her boys to the
movies and she stayed with me. Isabella was exhausted so we spent a great deal of the time inside the arts centre and she just laid down. I rang mum and she brought down some story books for us to read to them. Then they were saying that they didn’t want to go back to Dad etc. OMG. Meanwhile at no time was there anyone ‘supervising’ us. I gave them back to him 15 mins early because Desiree had to go and I didn’t want to be in the position where I was alone withthem. Isn’t that crazy!!!! I am scared to be left alone with my own beautiful girls. When I got to the car I just cried and cried.

– Went and saw Jo Lukins. As I was paying Desiree rang up and told me she had contacted Child Safety about what the girls had said. I was terrified. I so want to protect my girls but I
can’t be seen to be doing anything because no-one thinks that anything is wrong!
Met mum and dad at the school so the kids could all see the kittens. The kids loved it and the girls were so excited. J After we left I told mum and dad what Desiree had done then went to work.
Jo L rang later in the day to see if I was ok as she said she could tell that I had been scared when I left her office.

– Saw the girls at RA today – we had a ball. Have made a conscious decision to take KFC. Only get 1.5 hours and by the time I do the usual vegies, meat, cereal – half that time has gone.
– As I was leaving the supervisor told me that Michael had asked for extra sessions. I said that would be more than ok. Told him what had happened Thursday/Friday and said maybe that was the reason.
– Came home to discover that Michael had been to see Dad and tried to convince him that I have a mental problem and been coaching the girls and to say negative things about the court. Dad said he refused to agree to these things but had asked him about the ‘honey come over’ text messages. Michael had told Dad that the police had made that up!!!! What??? Dad said all of the evidence needed to be tested as he knew lies had been told.
– Met with Jojo and Rae Greaves. They were so lovely and helpful but it is just such a bad situation – no-one knows what to do!!!
– I went over to visit Lindy as I hadn’t seen her for ages and just as I was pulling up Isabella rang. It was around 7pm. She said that they were just going out to get some milk. I told her where I was and she told me to stay there for a few minutes so that she could visit. I said she would have to ask Dad. He said no. She said ‘he always says no if we want to see you’. I said I would be seeing her tomorrow and we could swim and play with the kittens so it was ok. She said she got some new lounges and I said that was so exciting where did she get them from? Mr Stephen & Mrs Sheree. I said that they were getting them lots of presents now and she said yes they were. I said that they liked the girls staying with Dad – which was wrong – I meant them being happy to stay with Dad. Michael got angry and the phone was disconnected.
– Isabella rang me back (this time inside with Lindy) and each time she went to talk about Dad the phone seemed to be moved away from her and there would be a silent period. I told Isabella that there were lots of people that loved her and asked her to tell me some of them. She was silent. In the end she asked what the beeping noise was but there wasn’t one. Then the phone disconnected. She rang back again and said that she had run out of credit. I said if she brought the phones tomorrow I would put some more credit on. She said she would like to ring Aunty Glenys and Aunty Cherie.
– I received an email from Michael at about 9.30pm saying that he was stopping access effective immediately. So the girls will now no longer see me tomorrow as he had promised. He said the HE was at risk by supervising!!!! OMG. If anyone was at risk it was us!!! He said it was my responsibility to find a supervisor.
– I just sent him a bland email back saying that there were several people willing to supervise. What a nightmare. I am hoping I still get to see the girls but even though his email was full of crap it would be SO much better to be supervised by someone else in the hope that an honest record of my interactions with the girls is recorded.

– Sent Michael an email with a person who would agree to supervise this afternoon so that the girls weren’t ‘uprooted’ so fast. I also sent him a text that the email was there and asked for a quick response so things could be organised.
– Rang around and got a list of several other people who would supervise and also emailed this list to Michael.
– Ray came around to talk to Mum & Dad and I. He was horrified at what Michael was saying on Thursday and I apologised again.
30/1/12 Received email from Michael at 10.13pm refusing all suggested supervisers.

31/1/12 Rang Chris Fox and made appt for 3.30pm.
– Went to see accountant – business pretty much zero value. Lucky I sold Dad everything last year too to help pay for all the legal costs.
– On way in to see Chris Fox got a call from Stephanie at Child Safety. Was very surprised to say the least! She asked if I could talk right now and I said I was just about to go into an appointment. She asked me for my understanding of what Merle & Rob had said about the emotional harm of the girls. I said ‘what?’ She said that the girls had been interviewed again. I was shocked. I had no idea that had happened. I did NOT want them to go through that again!!!!! She kept talking & I said I was in a very public place at the hospital and would like to ring her back. She said ‘oh you are at Emergency again’. I said I was not and repeated that I was waiting for an appointment. She said I had to ring back today. I agreed I would ring after my appointment.
– Had the appointment with Chris Fox. She said ‘there is quite a history here’ after reading the summary of events to

– After I asked if I could ring Stephanie on speaker so that Chris could be support people. They agreed and we agreed that I would let Stephanie know that there were other people present. I rang up and Stephanie immediately started attacking me. I kept trying to interrupt so that I could tell her about other people listening but she would not allow me to talk. Eventually I raised my voice and talked over her and said ‘I need to let you know that there are other people also listening to the call. She stopped. Her tone of voice immediately altered. At a couple of points Stephanie appeared to either not be listening to me, or being unreasonable. Chris spoke to her about this a couple of times. The call went for about an hour. Stephanie said that if the girls were interviewed again she would substantiate emotional harm against me. I asked how that could happen when someone else reported, I was unaware of the report, and I was unaware of the interview taking place. She then switched to the trauma that I had subjected the girls to by having them examined. I said that I had asked for the girls NOT to have a forensic examination as they had not disclosed anything that would make me believe there had been penetration. She then said she had a report that David Neusome had examined them. I explained that Dr Neusome had told the girls’ GP to have me take them to the hospital. Stephanie said ‘and you agreed’. Chris stated that they would be concerned at the hospital if they asked a parent to bring a child and they refused to attend. Stephanie then changed subjects again. The whole conversation did not make sense to me.

– Got a phone call on the way up to Ingham from the girls. Nicola & Carmel were in the car. The girls started off excited saying that Daddy said they were going to see me again. They also said they were going to do ballet that afternoon. I said that sounded like great fun. They said they were going to see me tomorrow – I said that I didn’t know that – how exciting – Michael interrupted to say that they would not be allowed to see me. They both went quiet. I tried to cheer them up by talking about school, their friends, their teacher, their ballet, animals, fairies, people who love them etc etc etc. They were just quiet. I was on the phone for some time until they reached school.
– Attended clients, went to the deli & got the girls some pasta shapes and hearts.
Email from Michael at 9.45am – Cassie

Please provide contact details for all people you have suggested and I will ensure they are each very clear on the basis for my decision. I will speak with Andy King today if you advise his contact details.

I spoke with Catherine from the contact centre yesterday and they are considering more time there, but she doesn’t sound confident. She is not back in the office until Friday.
– Sent him a text with Andy’s number at lifeline.
– Received a call from Andy re what my thoughts were re supervision and the difficulty he may have supervising at all times (eg going to public toilets). He said Michael had asked him to ‘just stay in the vicinity’ rather than ‘right next to or 5m away’. I said I would prefer Andy to be close enough to hear everything to ensure I was not saying anything inappropriate to the girls. He said Michael had told him I was not to photograph the girls genitals. He is insane. I brought up that as it was summer I would prefer to not have the girls outside in the middle of the day. Andy agreed. He said that Michael had asked him to do 2 hours one day a fortnight.
– Attended Rotary as usual and got a call from the girls during the meeting. I went outside as usual to talk to them. I asked how ballet was and Isabella said she had been scared. I said I sometimes got scared when I tried new things too, but then I found out that they were fun and I made lots of friends. Asked her about all the other little girls and said I was sure they were both wonderful graceful ballerinas. At one point Michael said something and they both went quiet. Michael then started tickling them and they started laughing and saying ‘ow stop it’ but really laughing and enjoying it – but not able to talk to me. Every now and then Michael would say ‘don’t forget to talk to mum’ and then keep playing with them. I said that the sound of Bronte and Isabella laughing was the best sound in the world and said goodnight and ended the call.

– Received a call from Isabella on Bronte’s phone. She said she had no credit on hers. I told her next time she sees me to bring her phone and I will put credit on it. I also was in the process of telling her that she could still receive calls with no credit and the phone was immediately disconnected.
– Got another call later on. Same story – started off sad, he started tickling etc. I said I was really happy that the girls were happy and said goodnight and ended the call.

– Got a call from Relationships Australia and they have found another time for me to see the girls!!! OMG I just cried with relief and joy.
– Andy rang and said that Michael told him his services weren’t needed any more. So I guess he is sticking just to the contact centre now the girls said something in front of someone else.
– No call from the girls tonight L
– Susan & JoJo came over for dinner. They started talking about the girls and I just couldn’t stop sweating. After they left I went to the toilet and vomited. I thought living with Michael and his volatility was stressful but this is just horrendous.

– Saw the girls at the contact centre. They were angry – tantrums, kicking etc. Isabella stormed off when her ball went over the fence even though Kristy was going to get it for her. She went all the way inside the house and did not respond to my calls – not like her at all. They would not go to the toilet unless I walked with them. Bronte is W-sitting ALL the time too. At one stage when I suggested we read a book she walked away saying ‘I can’t read’. Isabella said smugly ‘I can’. And Bronte turned away. I brought out Green Sheep because Bronte knows it nearly by heart and we read the book together. She was really proud of herself at the end. She has NEVER not wanted to be involved with books before. They are getting so rough and angry and Bronte is losing so much confidence in herself! They did calm down with me to look at their 1st year photo book and loved that – will have to take it again. They asked about the kittens and I talked about how lovely and gentle the girls are with them and that they were so good helping all the children at their school to be gentle. One of them said ‘Daddy is rough with them’ and I changed the subject.

– Girls said that they would be spending each Friday night with Heilbronns. I said that would be fun.
– Michael agreed on the phone that I could volunteer in the classroom
– Michael also agreed that Mum & Dad could see the girls – but then hung up on me. I had told him that I would ensure that I would not be in the house the same time. He said that he had put in writing his conditions to them but I had not known this and apologised because I was unaware that they were already in contact.

– Call from girls – no sleepover tonight with Heilbronn. Sounded confused about it. Was a bizarre conversation actually. Michael muttering in the background and girls then silent for ages, then would finally come back to talk. Told jokes with Poppy and I and that got them laughing again J

– Contact centre. Girls rough – not following directions. Isabella wet her pants. No hats/sunscreen etc or bag/change of clothes. Bronte remembered her wish at Paronella Park nearly a year ago. That Daddy would go away and not be shouting. What do you say to that??!!! Told Isabella her wish had come true and all the trees were growing back after the cyclone. Bronte said ‘my wish didn’t come true’. I had taken them in stuff so we could make play doh + their aprons/chefs hats. Also watermelon, popcorn chicken and ‘donut pasta’ from Ingham. Also a heap of books and they each chose some stories to read. Had to really encourage please/thank you/manners/directions etc. Played a game with them when I first arrived and ‘found them’ hiding. They were so funny. Love them SO much!!!!!!!! What to do???!!!! – No call from the girls tonight.

– Got a call from Michael’s phone tonight – and just dead – no sound at all – like it was on mute. Rang back to his phone and both the girls’ phones and all went through to messagebank. Waited a while and then rang back again and this time got through. Had a good chat to Isabella then rang Bronte’s phone to speak to her. Then Michael said something quietly and she said ‘goodnight mum’ and then the phone was still connected but just background noise again. I kept saying ‘hello’ but the phone had been taken from her. Eventually I just hung up. It is sad that he thinks this is a game. There are little girls here that don’t seem to be of any consequence. Awful. And I can’t do anything for them.

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The current order reflects the order of submission and is unlikely to be related to the final order.



Help us clarify the leaks we are leasing, so we can discover which are significant and which are not. You may securely and anonymously submit information via WikiLeaks 

WikiDetecives will prioritize the list based on the available information and seek to ascertain the leading candidates directly, through the legal system, or indirectly through our network of journalists, intelligence sources, volunteers and readers. If you email us ( we will alert you when the record has been obtained.

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