How long must we wait for your help Mr. Turnbull ? #Leak74 #WikiDetectives

Mr. Turnbull ,
    we have in our possession a letter which states that both of the girls spoke “ about gunk coming out of their vaginas  “   and the fact that one had blood coming out of her anus !!!!!

    What do you think the “ gunk  “ was Mr. Turnbull ?

     Maybe MICHAEL WATTER would like to answer that question ! The children , after all , were in his custody !

    Would that type of disclosure not horrify you Mr. Turnbull ?
    WHY do you think this evidence/disclosure was NOT presented in court Mr. Turnbull ?
    All of this was reported to the authorities concerned and yet NOTHING WAS DONE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN !
    If your child had a sexually transmitted infection , wouldn’t you want to know where it came from and WHY the question was not asked in the court ? Particularly when that same infection had previously been passed onto the mother by the father MICHAEL WATTER !
   Answer us that , please ,  Mr. Turnbull !
   Does it not sound strange to you that NONE of this was disclosed in court Mr. Turnbull ?
   Does the fact that the mother was cross examined in court for FOUR days and the father less than ONE day not raise your suspicion that something was amiss Mr. Turnbull  ?
    Why don’t you tell us ,  Mr. Turnbull , how you would react to a court and it’s findings where all of this happened ? Do nothing ? Sit back and accept everything ? Or stand up for your rights and continue to do so until there is a
                                                         PUBLIC   RE INVESTIGATION 
We await your urgent help and advices with great interest !

Help to Free The Watter Twins , Mr. Turnbull  !


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