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Calling all paedophiles ! Calling all paedophiles ! Calling all paedophile enablers ! Oh , sorry little man , we seem to have attracted you and your mates again and for some reason that queue of blind people !

The information just keeps coming in !
The sooner the authorities see their way right to kick starting this PUBLIC RE INVESTIGATION the better !

We actually do not have anything better to do than to expose paedophiles like yourself and your mates so please expect us to keep at this !

The team we have working on you finds the exercise gratifying and we are grateful for their efforts as your exposure has brought in a few other paedophiles for us to look at and expose !
These paedophiles are also starting to feel the heat but then we have only just started on them !
We still find it absolutely amazing that the gross negligence that is apparent in your case was not dealt with at the time !
                                                 A PUBLIC RE INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED NOW
The fact that Child Safety gathered NO evidence from the witnesses that the allegations of sexual abuse were made to is a jaw dropper !
The fact that ELEVEN further notifications of sexual abuse were made against Michael Watter by the children whilst he had full custody just doesn’t sit right in the brain ! So very sad that these disclosures came despite his continual threatening and punishing as a result of previous disclosures . VERY BRAVE little children !
The fact that the little man was able to access Legal Aid whilst earning a salary of $80 000 . 00 plus benefits . Is this not fraud ?
The fact that the mother was unable to access Legal Aid whilst being forced into insolvency trying to protect her children !
The fact that Dallas Grant a previous employee of the Child Safety Department was commenting on Michael Watter’s “ Help Find Isabella and Bronte Watter’s page “ shows no bias does it ? This idiot passes judgement on the mother when he has NO qualifications that would allow him to assess anyone’s mental state !
The fact that Cassie had visited and been assessed by 2 Psychiatrists and 4 Psychologists with all of them clearing her of any mental disorder !
The fact that a Sitting State Member ( who wished to remain anonymous ) stated that Michael Watter’s   UNCLE —  Mark McArdle MP Member for Caloundra (LNP) , would not want to be known to be publicly involved in any way with the case as it would tarnish his reputation ! What reputation would that be Mr. McArdle  MP Member for Caloundra (LNP) ? Being a loving concerned Grand Uncle who was worried about his Grand Nieces being sexually abused ? Or perhaps just that of a normal politician only concerned about himself and his salary and the enablement of a paedophile nephew to continue with his bullying , cowardly , antagonistic and sexual abusing ways ?? Surely you should have been shouting from the roof tops at the gross negligence that is evident here Mr. McArdle MP Member for Caloundra (LNP) ?
The fact that one would have to ask if this man’s position in any way enabled Michael Watter on a salary of $80000 plus a year to utilise the taxpayer to fund his lies and deceit ? Follow our LEAKS is all we will say !
The fact that the little man posted a copy of the court ruling on his page in spite of Section 121 of the Family Law Act and has never been charged !! One reason why we haven’t been shy in exposing and reporting on the system for what it is ! It is called SELECTIVE TARGETING Mr.  Stewart !
FINALLY , the fact that the Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart ‘ s Twitter account has been used to comment and communicate with Michael Watter on this is nothing short of a disgrace – to the extent that Senator David Leyonhjelm picked up on it , criticised the Commissioner and suggested the Commissioner should resign !


Help us clarify the leaks we are leasing, so we can discover which are significant and which are not. You may securely and anonymously submit information via WikiLeaks

WikiDetecives will prioritize the list based on the available information and seek to ascertain the leading candidates directly, through the legal system, or indirectly through our network of journalists, intelligence sources, volunteers and readers. If you email us (editor@wikidetectives.com.au) we will alert you when the record has been obtained.

The current order reflects the order of submission and is unlikely to be related to the final order. If you personally need help, press the RED SUPPORT BUTTON on Left side or click our toll-free number now 1800UNSEEN to connect to a Australian Cyber Detective Hotline.

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