Do you want a hot date tonight ? Only catch is that have to be 4 years old or have 4 year old children ! #Leak80 #WikiDetectives



And so this coward of a man places his profile on the dating site R.S.V.P

He says his ideal partner’s body type should be average , slim and athletic and one would need to ask the question – if she needs to be athletic , is it because she needs to run away when the time comes for him to strangle and manhandle her ?

He refers to himself as athletic – probably a private joke as in our opinion he doesn’t show that side of himself very well ! If you refer to raping your wife AND your children as being athletic then so be it !

His intended partner must not have strong political beliefs and be left wing orientated — does that mean if she is against paedophilia she is out of the running  ? His saying he is all for equality must be another private joke ?

He says his drinking habits are ”  occasionally / socially  ” — would this be a relative comparison Michael Watter ? In other words you seldom purchase your own beer which leads you to occasionally drink other people’s beer until you are dribbling out of one side of your mouth ? We cannot say both sides because that would indicate a sign of being level headed which we know is not apparent in your case !

We find it so very interesting that you are looking for — and we quote — ”  Someone with an open mind and a strong sense of integrity and fairness . Inquisitiveness would be great . We could do some exercise then have a drink to relax , have a nice healthy dinner ( including a nice dessert ) . Life is to be enjoyed after all ! A fine quest in that he is looking for qualities that are absent in his own persona ! Would the open mind possibly have anything to do with wanting the good lady to share her children with a sexual deviant ? One would also have to assume being inquisitive would have a few restrictions i.e. no asking questions as to  sexual preferences ! Would enjoying life include domestic abuse and child sexual abuse ?

His interests in music are , The Jezebels , Jamiroqui , Kings of Leon , Matchbox 20 , Icehouse , Crowded House – a bit of a mix really ! We thought his music would be more along the lines of  The Scorpions – Daddy’s girl !   The trouble for Michael Watter here is that the mother did NOT look away and knew EXACTLY what you were up to !   — Aerosmith – Janie’s got a gun ! In this case , fortunately the children were whisked away before this reality could have come true and finally  — OingoBoingo  – I love little girls  !  ALL of these songs we have referred to are about incest and should probably be included in his music library !

His reading is Tom Clancy , Sporting biographies — boys stuff !   Try this one Michael Watter by the Late Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs and in case you have had a mind slip we attach herewith the good lady’s qualifications , just a reminder of the highly qualified lady you defamed and had to publicly apologise to !   

His two sporting favourites are Rugby Union and Cricket . Now that is a shocker – and all along we thought it was masturbating next to little girls and playing with their vaginas whilst they are on the toilet ! A gold medal performance in each of these disciplines wouldn’t you say MICHAEL WATTER ?

His other interest is ‘  health  ‘ — and so it should be considering the fact that he passed on a sexually transmitted infection to his wife AND his daughter !

Instead of sending a kiss to see if there is an initial attraction why not send photographs of your children and your bank balance as after all the poor moneyless man was only earning +/- $ 80 000 . 00 p.a. when he applied for legal aid !


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