Photograph taken of severely abused vagina ! No wonder the father refused to take her to the doctor !! Why would he ?

The girls say the vagina’s are that way because “ BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DADDY RUBS US TOO HARD WITH HIS PENIS “ !!! This information just does not stop — what do you say Michael Watter ? What do all the blind people say ?

This certainly tells us what kind of person Stephen Heilbronn is ! Watch this space !

Why was the photograph not allowed in court ? Perhaps the judge might answer that question ?

                                                                RE INVESTIGATE

 Hi Trish,
Section 2 & 3 of my statement. Stephen Heilbronn told Arth & I on 8th October 2011 that Cassie had been sexually abused by her older brother on a daily basis from the age of 8 to 16. I was totally shocked then but after some thought believed that he (Stephen Heilbronn) had just been trying to frighten us but then after more thought I felt that something could have happened as our Stephen has always said that he was the ‘Biggest Disappointment in the Family.’(as per Slim Dusty’s song.) I challenged him when he said it again some months later when he was visiting and said that I had never told him that he was a disappointment, but because of the accusation from Stephen Heilbronn and the fact that Stephen refused to make a statement refuting the accusation, I suspected that something must have happened, so I was not very surprised when it came out in court as true. I think that I felt more relief for Cassie to have finally gotten the truth out which was a considerable release for her, and also the fact that, what had happened to Cassie, certainly didn’t alter the fact that two little girls were telling us so much about the sexual abuse being perpetrated against them by their father.
I certainly now feel considerable disappointment towards our son but he was old enough to know right from wrong when he first abused Cassie and a grown   man when he raped her. He made the choices and must make his own amendments.
With regard to No 5, Michael’s response:- Arth did not steal the ride-on mower.
6. Again Michael’s response:- I did photograph Isabella’s badly inflamed and red raw vagina because her father refused to take her to the doctor even thought Bronte told me that Isabella was so red, ‘Because that’s what happens when Daddy rubs us too hard with his penis.’ There is a vast difference between pornography and medical evidence. I believe, Trish, that you are holding the photo. Should this be tendered in court?

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